London UK Hypoallergenic Natural Silk Bed Linen For Better Sleep – Report Launch

Mayfair Silk has launched a report detailing the benefits of silk. The report includes helpful information from respected doctors, dermatologists, and skincare experts.

Mayfair Silk, a London-based supplier of high-quality bedding, has launched a new report about the benefits of silk. Silk has long been recognised as a premium material by dermatologists, doctors, and aestheticians.

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The report launched by Mayfair Silk includes excerpts from skincare and medical professionals about the benefit of silk as a bedding material. While there are a wide variety of potential benefits, one of the most well-known is how little moisture silk absorbs. Experts believe this can lead to improved skin and hair health as they remain significantly more hydrated through sleep.

A little-known fact about silk is that it is one of the most sustainable fabrics. Studies have shown that silk fabric produces 814x fewer carbon emissions than cotton, and 620x less than wool. The entire silk production cycle is friendly to the environment, and the end product is biodegradable.

Silk is a natural product that contains no harmful chemicals or dyes and does not require any of the bleaches or formaldehyde commonly used in cotton production. The finished product is considered highly antibacterial and hypoallergenic, which makes it ideal for people who suffer from household allergies.

The report also includes information about silk’s unique thermal properties. The low heat conductivity and air trapping lattice structure of silk helps it to maintain a warm temperature in cold rooms, and a cold temperature in warm rooms. Many people find this to be beneficial to a good night’s sleep, as it helps them to regulate their temperature overnight.

Silk has always been a highly sought-after premium material as far back as the empires of the ancient world. It was such an important material in ancient history that it gave its name to the famous Silk Road which connected Asia to Europe, India, and Africa. Since that time silk has gone through a number of improvements and is still considered one of the most highly desirable fabrics in the world.

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