London UK Chatbot Development For Enhanced Lead Generation – Service Launched

Smarty Apps, a mobile app development company based in the United Kingdom, has launched a new website and is now offering mobile app and chatbot development services in the London area.

The website’s recent launch provides innovative tech services to help London’s small and medium-sized businesses acquire solutions formerly only accessible to large-scale organisations. Clients can now inquire about their mobile app creation and chatbot development work.

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Smarty Apps’ newly released chatbot development services are designed to improve lead generation and increase conversion rates for businesses. One of the most notable benefits of having a chatbot on a business website is that it allows customers to interact with the bot at any time and on any day. Customers will not need to wait for an available employee to answer their questions.

In addition to answering customer inquiries, chatbots also have the capacity to direct individuals to the business’s sales team, book a reservation, and show products to the customer based on their needs. Over 48% of online visitors prefer to connect with a company via chatbot as opposed to any other method of contact. Furthermore, 57% of consumers view chatbots as a faster solution to resolving their concerns.

The personalised messaging system that chatbots offer can also be used for lead generation. These bots can use a set of pre-prepared questions to persuade consumers and raise conversion rates.

Smarty Apps is providing clients with no-cost consultations in order to learn more about their business needs and reveal how a chatbot can help grow their business and improve its efficiency. Additionally, clients can view the company’s demo portfolio with live previews demonstrating how their advanced chatbots function.

The company is also dedicated to developing applications that will help businesses acquire more customers and retain the ones they currently have. Those interested in their app development services can take a look at their fully customisable plans. They provide a wide range of features including booking forms, contact forms, coupons, custom pages, image galleries, loyalty cards, maps, quiz builders, social links, and video players.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Chatbots are immensely useful for building strong customer relationships by making the website engaging and interactive for its visitors. They are indispensable for enhancing your customer service.”

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