London Retail Jobs Agency Style Incorporated lunches New Website

Luxury Retail and Fashion Recruitment company Style Incorporated of London recently launched a new website to provide more information on jobs and news in the industry and facilities for clients better engage with the company through Social Media platforms.

Style Incorporated  the London based luxury brands, fashion and retail recruitment specialists recently went live with a new website This site replaces the old site and usesthe same domain name and address.

The website is aimed at recruiting organisations in theluxury brands sector, fashion related organisations, retail companies andgeneral creative organisations looking for temporary and permanent staff at alllevels from temporary retail staff to Executive Management in the UK, US, the Middle Eastand other parts of the world.

The new website is a great source of information for bothrecruiting companies and job seekers  anddisplays comprehensive descriptions of available vacancies and the profile of AccountConsultants to job seekers.

This new website launch takes into account several of themost requested features including:

·        The website clearly highlights the services,resources and capabilities of Style Incorporated while with a clean simplified designgiving clear descriptions of the services and resources provided by StyleIncorporated to its primary target groups ie; recruiting companies andcandidates looking for jobs in the luxury, fashion and  retail sectors.

·        The site now has a very active News and Blog functionwith regular postings on current news and information related to the latest trendsin the Luxury sector, job seeking in the fashion, luxury brands and retailsectors.

·        The website is now mobile responsive andsignificantly enhances the user experience of all users regardless of their webdevices.

Style Incorporated has invested considerable time andeffort to ensure an enjoyable user experience while providing timely andrelevant information.

CEO Patricia Lindo described the new website in this way:

“There has been a lot of positive feedbacksurrounding the new website  and theinformation that it provides to our viewers. Style Incorporated is committed tomaking continual improvements and adjustments so that all our clients andviewers will have a pleasant experience on the website.

 It is the goal ofStyle Incorporated to be the leading online recruitment company for the Luxury,Fashion and Retail sectors while providing reliable and update information toour Recruiting Clients and job seekers at all levels from entry level to senior executives”.

Style Incorporated welcomes new and old website visitorsalike to take a look at the new features available, and to submit feedback forthe next round of updates.

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