London ON Business Reputation/Social Media Content Management Report Released

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London, Ontario-based Dezan Social Media, a full-service digital marketing agency has released a report that examines the role social media management plays in overall business marketing plans.

Dezan Social Media, a full-service digital marketing agency headquartered in London, Ontario, has released a report that examines the advantages of a professionally managed social media presence, and why today’s business owners should be implementing a strongly strategized plan.

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A new report released by Dezan Social Media investigates the reasons why today’s business owners are opting to partner with professional social media managers, and the part social media plays in overall marketing and communications plans.

The report notes that over 80 percent of Canadians interact with at least one brand on social media. When consumers take the time to publicly engage with a brand they expect to be acknowledged. Consumers who feel ignored often turn to a competitive brand.

At Dezan Social Media, a team of skilled social media marketers ensure their clients’ social media accounts are monitored and managed seven days a week. They ensure every comment, mention, share, review, and question is acknowledged and answered in a professional and timely fashion.

When properly managed, social media can lead to customer conversion, customer retention, and, in some cases, customer evangelism which results in user-generated content (UGC) that acts as unpaid advertising for the brand and results in increased sales.

Studies show that a 5% increase in customer retention leads to a lifetime increase in company revenues by 25-95%. With its interactive qualities, social media is the best way to initiate the customer retention process.

The report notes that posting on social media is as important as engaging with potential customers on social media. A professional social media manager ensures business posts are strategized to achieve a pre-determined impact and outcome.

The professionals at Dezan Social Media say the implementation of an ongoing strategic plan that ensures social media accounts are always populated with fresh new content is imperative. This is a time-consuming process which they caution should not be delegated to an inexperienced employee because personal social media activities and social media marketing activities are two different processes.

With the release of their recent report, the experts at social media marketing, digital advertising, and reputation management, are helping today’s business owners understand the part professionally managed social media can play in supplementing other marketing activities, and in increasing sales.

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