London Hypoallergenic Silk Bed Sheets – Anti-Ageing Skin Benefits Report Updated

MayfairSilk (+44-20-3885-2223), a London-based retailer of premium silk bed sheets and bedding, has updated its report on the benefits of silk fabrics for better sleep.

The latest updates offer customers valuable advice on how silk bedding can help the skin by working to prevent the signs of ageing, in addition to regulating body temperature during sleep.

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The recently updated report provides references on each of the topics covered from professionals in the skin and hair care industries, such as dermatologist Neal B. Schultz and celebrity esthetician, Renée Rouleau.

The report covers a wide range of benefits associated with sleeping on silk bedding, beginning with its ability to assist in the maintenance of healthy skin. MayfairSilk’s article discusses the importance of hydrated, plump skin to prevent the early appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and compares the pH level of silk to that of commonly used fabrics such as cotton. Where silk matches the skin’s natural pH, cotton absorbs moisture, leaving skin dry and dehydrated upon waking.

Later in the report, the company outlines similar ways in which silk pillowcases and sheets can preserve the natural oils and moisture in the hair, leaving it smooth, static-free and lustrous in appearance when compared to sleeping on cotton or man-made fibres. It mentions the particular hair types for which silk pillowcases are most beneficial, including curly, frizzy hair.

MayfairSilk’s article goes on to discuss the hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties of high-quality silk sheets, alongside its temperature regulating capabilities that make it a premium material to sleep on even for those with sensitive skin. It goes on to elaborate on the ease with which silk can be cared for, and its sustainability as a fabric.

With the latest updates, MayfairSilk continues to invest in reporting the valuable benefits of silk bedding and sheets, offering informative resources for customers, alongside premium, luxury bed sheets and more.

“MayfairSilk is all-natural,” states the report. “Crafted from the finest grade 6A long-fibre Mulberry Silk with a unique weave, rich lustre and matt finish. When your skin touches silk at night, the exquisite softness immediately begins to calm your senses as you melt into the feeling. It’s a nurturing retreat that supports deep rejuvenating sleep, every night.”

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