London Fulfilment Services Courier Company New Ecommerce Delivery Integration

GEM Worldwide, a leading international shipping company based in Colnbrook, near London Heathrow Airport and Slough, and Singapore, has announced a Magento ecommerce integration for order delivery. Services are designed to allow customers to outsource their parcel delivery and focus on ecommerce business growth.

GEM Worldwide, an international logistics company based in Colnbrook, Berkshire near London Heathrow Airport and Slough has announced an integration with the Magento platform for ecommerce order delivery services. The company also has a base in Singapore.

The Magento platform integration provides fast seamless delivery solutions for ecommerce store owners who can deliver their orders efficiently and profitably. The integration allows stores to generate all required shipment and consignment documentation, schedule parcel collections and provide their customers with an excellent shopping experience.

GEM Track was recently launched by the company – an Android and iOS app which allows customers to track and manage their deliveries, further reducing time spent on customer service correspondence and tasks.

GEM Worldwide provides high standards for parcel delivery, which makes up a large part of the online shopping experience. The application is fully customisable and allows ecommerce stores to outsource their fulfilment operations, either through full outsourcing or collection of parcels for onward delivery. The service was designed to allow businesses to focus on growing their business and online brand, without constant day to day operational responsibilities.

The Company Spokesperson said “Customer order fulfilment can quickly become very stressful and time consuming for online businesses. It’s vital that all ecommerce businesses choose the best fulfilment or delivery solution that meets their needs so that they can focus on growing their brand and business, whilst providing the highest standards to their customers.”

GEM customers are able to leverage the company’s fulfilment services, import and export facilities, custom parcel delivery services and reach new markets with fast and efficient direct routes to world wide destinations.

For businesses requiring same day delivery services, GEM also provides sameday deliveries in certain locations. The company has UK and Singapore bases and serves customers across the world. Customers span multiple sectors such as ecommerce, retailers, manufacturers, education, advertising and many other sectors. International deliveries range from documents to online product deliveries to stock and large industrial goods.

Businesses with an online store built on the Magento platform can use GEM’s integration for access to order fulfilment, shipping labelling, and scheduling parcel collections. For ecommerce store owners who choose to outsource their entire fulfilment operations, stock is delivered directly to GEM’s fulfilment warehouses for processing and onward delivery. Online store owners and customers have access to real time tracking information allowing for smooth day to day operations, improved customer satisfaction and reduced day to day customer service tasks.

Ecommerce store owners and businesses can find out more about custom shipping services by contacting the company and reading GEM Worldwide’s ecommerce courier case study information. The company also has courier quote videos providing additional information.

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