London Blockly Java Coding For Kids Robotics Interactive Online Course Launched

A new robotics for kids online course guide has been launched by RobotGem. It covers the benefits of children learning coding and developing creativity through robotics.

RobotGem has launched a new guide to coding and robotics for kids in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Wales and Scotland showing the benefits of taking an online course in the subject. It highlights that with the right course, parents can turn their child’s dreams into reality through coding and programming their own virtual robot.

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The new guide explains that many parents despair at the amount of time that their children spend in front of screens. Whether its a laptop, games console, or their smartphone, more children have high levels of screen time than ever before.

The problem with this is that their use is always passive, which means they’re not exercising their creativity as best they can.

RobotGem explains that with robotics courses for kids, parents can harness that interest in digital media and translate it into creativity.

The newly launched guide shows that coding can develop thinking skills, while also improving creativity. It can also help to build confidence, as kids design their own projects from scratch.

One of the key benefits of learning to code is that it can help children to contribute successfully to other fields. Learning to code teaches students a new, logical way of thinking that can be applied to jobs in any field.

RobotGem points to TekkieUni as a beneficial place for children to learn coding and robotics. By participating in the online course, kids will code virtual 3D robots using an online learning environment designed to be easy and approachable.

It replicates gaming and is similar to using a flight simulator. Children will be able to have fun and enjoy themselves while learning new skills and developing their creativity.

Students will grasp and define key concepts like motion, a speed and distance while coding in Blockly and Java. They will also have the opportunity to create fun projects from the ground up.

Full details of the new guide from RobotGem can be found on the URL above.

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