London Bespoke Laboratory Glassware Volumetrics Scientific Supplies Launched

Dixon Glass Limited, a London laboratory glassware and scientific supply company, announced a variety of updated scientific products. The company offers bespoke and standard laboratory glassware, professional volumetrics, laboratory hardware and other supplies.

Dixon Glass Limited, a laboratory glassware and scientific supply company based in London, launched a wide range of laboratory glassware, professional volumetrics, laboratory hardware and other supplies.

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From private research clinics to public school laboratories, scientific research requires professional laboratory glassware and a variety of other scientific supplies. Professional scientific glassware is used for many purposes, such as mixing, storing and transporting chemical and biological substances, and the sensitive nature of laboratory research requires reliable glassware capable of resisting high pressures and temperatures.

Dixon Glass Limited is a professional London glassware manufacturer providing a variety of bespoke and standard wholesale laboratory supplies. Following strict scientific and technological principles, the company constantly tests its products to ensure high standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

The London company works with professional glassware manufacturers and industry specialists to both create and distribute a variety of scientific supplies. Among its clients are prestigious international research institutions, local and international research facilities, universities, hospitals, private laboratories and more.

The company’s catalog includes different types of standard scientific glassware such as laboratory bottles, desiccators, distillation equipment, jars, dishes, borosilicate glass beakers, mortars and pestles and more. All products are selected from the best international producers or manufactured locally by Dixon Glass Limited.

The company also provides professional laboratory volumetrics such as measuring cylinders, burettes, pipettes and flasks. Dixon Glass volumetrics are made from high-quality alkaline-resistant or borosilicate glasses.

The London glassware manufacturer also provides various bespoke glassware products designed according to the client’s needs and preferences. Full consultation services are also available, as well as professional product design or manufacture according to pre-designed models.

Dixon Glass Limited also offers a variety of laboratory plastics, ceramics, filtration equipment and more.

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