Loci Cycle Program With An Automated Cryptocurrency News Sites Builder Launched

Chris Munch released a free workshop introducing the Loci Cycle Program that teaches users how to turn brand new $10 mini sites into $2000-$4000 sites in as little as 2 weeks, utilizing a single content creation platform, AmpiFire.

A new free workshop by Chris Munch, the founder and CEO of AmpiFire, offers guidance on how to start a content marketing agency from scratch for beginners. The workshop also presents the unique Loci Cycle business model which trains users on how to automatically create and monetize cryptocurrency news sites.

The online training is ideal for anyone interested in starting an online business and generating high profits from the growing cryptocurrency industry.

More information about the Loci Cycle training program and the content amplification software AmpiFire is available at: https://locicycle.com

The 12-week digital marketing training course Loci Cycle was created by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz to give users a practical understanding of how to make money with crypto without buying coins (i.e no risk profits).

Participants in the Loci Cycle workshop will discover proven methods for getting buyers in any niche with effective content amplification campaigns produced by the automated software AmpiFire.

By joining the Loci Cycle program, new marketers can benefit from a marketing automation solution that does all the content creation and distribution work for them.

Over the course of five years, the Ampifire team has developed a lot of high-demand content marketing strategies ranging from news articles to podcasts and video production.

The Ampifire system is a proven content-based marketing system that beginner marketers can use to promote products, services, and companies.

All Loci Cycle buyers also get access to an automated site builder that empowers them to create a mini crypto site in less than 30 minutes. Students who take the Loci Cycle course will understand the ins and outs of The Loci Cycle business module and learn how to make profits in any niche with zero competition. They will also learn how to flip their newly created news sites for $2,000-$4,000.

Interested parties can learn more about Chris Munch and his software products at https://chrismunch.com

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