Local Trailer Company Announces New Snowmobile Trailer Ahead Of Winter Months

Local trailer dealership BC Cargo Trailers is meeting consumer demand with a new snowmobile trailer line. To learn more, visit http://www.bccargotrailers.com/

It can be challenging to haul snowmobiles from one snowy playground to another, but with a trailer that’s recently become available at BC Cargo Trailers in Armstrong, hauling couldn’t be easier. The newly-available Cargo Mate Snowbird snowmobile trailer offers a handy way to take snowmobiles from one destination to the next. With features like a quick-access ramp for easy loading, fifteen-inch tires to get through larger snow drifts, and handy cabinets for storage, this is a snowmobile trailer many of BC Cargo Trailers’ clients have expressed excitement about. In addition to its numerous features, consumers have remarked on the fact that the trailer itself is fully enclosed, ensuring that their snowmobiles last longer and are protected from harsh winter storms while in transit. The Cargo Mate Snowbird will be in inventory at BC Cargo Trailers as a staple product throughout the winter months. This way, consumers are always able to be prepared for their next snowmobiling experience.

BC Cargo Trailers is a dealership known for always trying to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best quality trailers. With some of the severe winters in recent years, the company wanted to expand their snowmobile trailer line to include a product that provided the most options for avid snowmobilers. A spokesperson for the company commented, “BC Cargo Trailers understands that snowmobiling is one of the most popular winter activities in the Okanagan, and the company believes that this addition to our inventory will be popular with many people.” BC Cargo Trailers offers a variety of new and used ATV, utility, enclosed, flatdeck, and snowmobile trailers for sale.

For those still interested in getting a new snowmobile cargo trailer, but are looking for something more affordable, BC Cargo Trailers offers a variety of used trailers in addition to their more expensive newer models.

To learn more about the new snowmobile trailer and other types of trailers BC Cargo offers, visit http://www.bccargotrailers.com/ or stop by in person at 4125 Palisades Pl, Armstrong, BC, V0E 1B6.

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