Local Self-Storage Units in New York City Offer Walk-In Closet Space

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Urban apartment dwellers often inhabit tiny spaces. With little space for possessions, it is difficult to enjoy pets, hobbies, and outdoor activities. Lot 48 matches NYC residents with nearby storage units serving as walk-in closets.

Apartment dwellers in New York City, especially in Manhattan and Brooklyn, often live in a space measuring between 400 and 700 square feet.

That is barely sufficient space for living and working remotely, not to mention storing all of the possessions people normally keep in their homes.

Lot 48 offers a solution to everyday storage problems in small NYC apartments. For more information, go to https://lot-48.com/local-storage/.

Most city apartment dwellers scale down their possessions somewhat. For example, they often dress more simply in neutral colors and avoid bulky clothes and linens. There simply is not enough closet space for big, bulky items.

But even with restraint, storage space is a dilemma for most of them.

They need luggage and increasingly they use bicycles and other motorized transportation devices. Seasonal weather extremes require heavy coats and boots. Like suburban and rural home dwellers, New Yorkers enjoy sports requiring equipment, such as golf, tennis, and skiing. In warm weather, they have easy access to beaches where they take umbrellas, beach tents, boogie boards, and coolers, among other things.

Additionally, during the pandemic shutdown of 2020, most New York apartment dwellers began cooking more, often using air fryers and other countertop appliances. Kitchens in small apartments are typically gallery or kitchenette size, often no more than 70 square feet, which is only a little larger than a small bathroom. In such a small kitchen, the counter space is insufficient to permanently store small cooking appliances.

Also worth acknowledging are pets in apartments with OR without cohabitation with adults and small children. Dogs and cats take up space, too, along with their beds, food and water bowls, and toys. Pets and their paraphernalia leave even less room for their humans’ possessions.

This urban storage dilemma has given rise to a big self-storage industry in New York City. However, most storage facilities are designed for possessions to be stored without easy, frequent access. Few of these facilities are convenient enough to allow for spontaneously picking up the extra warm winter coat and fur-lined boots needed for a heavy snowstorm. Not many of these lend themselves to stopping by for the beach or golf equipment needed for a weekend day trip.

Simply speaking, small apartment dwellers need convenient storage extensions to their apartments. They need storage closets they can easily access to retrieve items they use occasionally for special occasions, and to rotate seasonal items between their apartments and nearby neighborhood storage closets.

Lot 48 announces new convenient and accessible neighborhood storage units in Manhattan and Brooklyn. As a free service, Lot 48 will refer apartment dwellers to units in their neighborhoods, where they can access their possessions often and easily with only an access code and a key or combination for a personal lock.

For more information, go to https://lot-48.com/local-storage/. Visitors to the site can sign up for more information and a free referral to the most convenient local storage location.

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