Local Search Rank Booster – Variety Store Grabs Sales from Big Box Store

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Local Search Rank Booster - Variety Store Grabs Sales from Big Box Store. Small Businesses Gain An Affordable Strategic Advantage To Boost Local Search Results - It's Like A New Customer Magnet

Small Business Rescuer deploys, New Local Search Rank Booster for Kellam’s Variety Store of Swainsboro, Georgia. Like many small businesses, Kellam’s Variety Store was losing customers and market share to big box retailers. They found that they couldn’t compete with the local Walmart store. Walmart’s domination of local search results was the primary cause of Kellam’s customer loss. Clearly, it was a David and Goliath situation. How could a little variety shop compete with the online marketing budget of Walmart?

The owner of Kellam’s Variety Store, Mary Duffy, reached out to Dori O’Neill, founder of Small Business Rescuer, seeking a solution. Mary knew that the specialized services Kellam’s Variety Store offered, Custom, Silk Flower Arrangements, Hair Weave, Hair Extensions, and Wigs were of superior quality to those offered anywhere in Swainsboro, Georgia and the surrounding area. Mary’s frustration was that she couldn’t find a cost effective way to share that information with local customers that searched for these specific services using Google Local Search. Mary’s prayers were answered with the all new Local Search Rank Booster which incorporates a powerful Brand Visibility Marketing Strategy https://trafficblessing.com/specialprice

Brand Visibility Marketing is effective because it does not rely on traditional SEO strategies to boost Google local search results. Traditional SEO relies on, on page optimization which is expensive, everyone is doing it and success comes down to the company that has the biggest budget to make it work. Brand Visibility Marketing is different as it focuses on having outside authority sites acknowledging specific, specialized areas of expertise that a small business offers. In the case of Kellam’s Variety Store, Kellam’s specializes in creating custom Silk Flower arrangements, Hair Weaves, Hair Extensions, Wigs and Hair Accessories and Kellam’s provides these services for the people of Swainsboro, Georgia and the surrounding areas.

Small Business Rescuer has, over the past 34 years, put together a group of high authority sites including, News sites, Video Sites, Blogs, and Slide-Share sites. Small Business Rescuer’s team of professional writers, video production specialists have the business owner fill out a simple questionnaire. The information gathered from that questionnaire is expanded upon by using an in house artificial intelligence data tool. Results from this provide the information that is needed to create articles, press releases, videos, slides that focus on that local business’s unique brand visibility points.

The completed materials are distributed to high authority partner sites and the net result is the business’s local search results receive an instant boost and move up search engine rankings many times faster than a traditional SEO strategy. Best of all it’s affordable and requires almost no involvement from the business owner. https://trafficblessing.com/specialprice

Small Business Rescuer Founder Dori O’Neill says, “There are many people looking for insights and answers about Increased revenue and improving google local search rankings. This case study reveals, in a practical way, of what’s possible using a Brand Visibility Strategy. A Strategy that’s called Local Traffic Blessing”.

Kellam’s Variety Store is a case study proving that the Small Business Rescuers Local Search Rank Booster Works. For A Limited Time, Small Business Rescuer is offering new clients a customized local search rank boosting landing page valued at $1,997.00 for free when they enroll. This simple page https://yourrescued.net/Kellams-Variety-Store accelerates the speed at which a small business’s local search listing climbs Googles local search engine listing. To claim this bonus email Dori@ONeill.bz in the subject line type: Local Search Boost Landing Page Bonus.

The Brand Visibility Strategy has one other distinct advantage that SEO can’t match. It’s call the first in advantage. In Kellam’s Variety Store of Swainsboro, Georgia’s case, they were the first small business that specialized in custom Silk Flower arrangements, Hair Weaves, Hair Extensions, Wigs and Hair accessories to use Brand Visibility Marketing. The chances of their competition being able to catch them in the local Google search ranking listings is small, if not impossible. The reason for this is, the local search booster campaign builds upon the previous month’s Brand Visibility postings, each month that Kellam’s continues with the program the higher level of authority they gain. In other words, it builds and builds making Kellam’s ranking for local search stronger and stronger.

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