Local Payment Processor, Acumen Connections, Has a New Look

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Local payment processor, Acumen Connections, is announcing the launch of their updated website www.acumenconnections.com. The team has a new site that is more modern and user-friendly.

After many months of hard work and dedication, the Acumen Connections team is announcing the launch of their updated website www.acumenconnections.com. The payment processor wanted their new site to be more user-friendly. They wanted the design to have a modern feel.

Acumen Connections has two main focuses. They strive to keep the payment process simple and keep their customers up to date on the latest business trends. The team sees this new website design as a good reflection of their goals and values.

The team strives to make the payment process easy and customer friendly. The new website reflects this by staying simple and easy to use. They reorganized information into four main pages. There’s now a home page, solutions page, product page, and blog.

Ariel Westphal, the Marketing Director at Net Pay Advance, had this to say about the new website design, “We try to make the payment process easy. We don’t want our merchants trying to track down their customers to get an invoice paid. It’s the same for our website. They can easily find what they want with one or two clicks.”

Visitors wanting to learn about the different merchant services can find information on the solutions page. The products page showcases the credit card terminals the company offers. Visitors can learn more about the credit card swipe machines, online payment gateways, and mobile card readers available. There are even new small business trends that can be found on the website blog.

The new website keeps things simple and easy to find.

There are additional benefits to the open style of the website. Instead of focusing on the brand’s blue and green colors, the website now uses green and white imagery.

Acumen Connections prides itself on being transparent with customers. They want to ensure customers understand the service they receive and the fees.

Shayla Nguyen is the Web UI/UX Designer at Acumen Connections and the website designer. She revealed that, “Acumen Connection doesn’t have locked in contracts. Our customers can leave any time, without a cancellation fee. I want that flexibility and freedom to reflect in the new website colors.”

Along with the freedom of not having contracts, the payment processor also unveiled a new 60-day risk free trial. Merchants can try out Acumen Connections’ credit card processing services for 60 days. There’s no commitment necessary. Participants are provided with a free card terminal during the trial.

Acumen Connections also offers a free rate review. They walk merchants through their current payment processor’s statement to explain charges and fees. The team thinks all businesses deserve to understand what they’re paying for, even if they’re not an Acumen Connections customer.

“We made sure to include the new trial on the website,” said Sean High, Acumen Connections Merchant Services Account Manager. “We’re giving businesses a $20 Visa gift card if we can’t beat their current payment processing rates.”

For over three years, the team has stayed up to date on the latest small business trends. They take that information and create how-to guides and resources for their blog.

In keeping up with the times, the team realized their old website design was outdated. They needed to create something new.

Nguyen believes that, “We’re great about keeping up on the latest trends for our customers. It was time that we did the same for our business as well. We needed a more modern website… we needed to create something new”.

The team knows that entrepreneurship is the heart of Wichita. Major businesses have been created in the city. Acumen Connections wants to see more success stories. They help local businesses grow by sharing free resources.

Acumen Connections has been providing payment processing services for over 20 years. In that time, they’ve learned a lot about businesses, and how to help them succeed. Today, businesses can find helpful articles on Acumen Connections’ blog. The topics cover pricing strategies, spending trends, work best practices, and more.

The team also hinted that they have new plans to help connect local businesses. “More than ever, we’re seeing the power of connections and networking,” said Westphal. “We’re excited about the opportunities we’re about to bring. We want to see businesses in the surrounding area grow.”

As soon as the team unveils their new plan, we’ll be sure to cover it here.

Acumen Connections is one of the few locally owned and operated payment processors in the Kansas area. They believe that getting paid should be easy for small businesses. Their team seeks to help local businesses meet their goals with real solutions designed by real hardworking people.

In addition to providing credit card processing services, their team strives to help businesses and individuals achieve personal and professional successes. For more information, please visit their new website at www.acumenconnections.com or give them a call at (316) 265-4477.

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