Local Muskegon MI Digital Marketing Expert Announced No Risk No Cost Trial

Local Marketing Resource announced their free trial service to help mom and pop businesses in Muskegon MI. Small businesses see huge increase in posting engagement, likes, shares, mentions ratings, reviews, check-ins & gain new clients, while nurturing existing clients to return & buy more-more often.

Florida based digital marketing experts, Local Marketing Resource (LMR), have announced an ambitious proven strategy to eliminate the cost, risk, obligation & fear of online marketing for mom & pop small business owners. LMR can help businesses boost their online presence through a range of smart & focused marketing services to meet the goals desired.

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/75r-d7fDmrU

One of the things that sets Local Marketing Resource apart from its competition is that it specializes helping mom & pop small businesses with digital marketing. The company prides itself on working closely with its clients, tailoring their services to suit their unique needs and getting results from nurturing their existing customers & building a strong social presence.

It works hard for its clients, getting more customers from Google local search results, social media, making client phones to ring, with free trial employing a unique online service. It can help business owners create an engaging and loyal growing tribe of buying followers that return to the business often and recommend it to all their friends by an online word of mouth.

The firm creates hundreds of places online for local searchers to easily find the business and then use intelligent marketing to send potential customers to the businesses front door ready to make a purchase.

Working with Local Marketing Resource, local business owners can take their company to the next level simply by engaging the existing clients on a consistent & strategic basis. Most owners have no idea how to use social media to gain business and only experience the pain of little to no results at best.

The unintentional bad results created by business owners leaves a mindset social media doesn’t work for the business. However, LMR’s platform shows results first and incites the followers which creates an active and hungry engagement to build the businesses online presence.

John Pickett, Regional Manager for LMR stated “business owners are totally amazed at the time saving results, affordability & ROI. Owners love to watch the engagement which they’ve never seen or experienced, especially when customers happily rate & review the business on their own. It becomes infectious because people trust a business when referred to by friends.”

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/-JoYqGwb3C4

The strategy is all about engagement on a personal level, same as if someone walks into a physical storefront. When a person walks into a store and is ignored it doesn’t produce good feelings and likely won’t return.

The same happens when a comment or question is left in a post online within the virtual doorway. LMR eliminates the problem and creates & stimulates a conversation when people walk through the online virtual doorway of a business. No matter the type of engagement, a like, comment, share, mention, rating, review or check-in, LMR engages and creates a human response for acknowledgement.

Pickett also stated: “The strategy works because we’re using the existing clients as proof or the glue to bond new clients into the foundation and repeat the process over & over while we softly apply a social selling element into the engagement. It quickly builds loyalty & social validation to lay the blocks of a very strong foundation people can trust and rely on.” Turn the faucet off, it dries up and stops.

The strategy is proven to nurture the existing customers through engagement, grow business, attract new customers, and make a strong first impression in their local online presence to potential new customers. People want to know what other people are saying about the business before doing spending money with them, not what the owners says.

In addition to this, owners can engage with their audience in new ways across all of their social networking sites. Using social media marketing, clients working with Local Marketing Resource will drive engagement to encourage people to visit their business, ultimately selling more products and services.

A free consultation is provided when interested parties get in touch with the digital marketing experts at Local Marketing Resource. This helps people to see where they can do more to boost social presence and get more local customers.

LMR’s offer of a 7 day complimentary Makeover Takeover trial is valued over $300.00+. Owners can try it without risk, cost or obligation, eliminating any hesitation to move forward and grow the business.

It’s more important than ever to create a powerful marketing campaign customers will pay attention too because 85% of local online searchers Google a business before doing business with them which results in an action such as a phone call, email or stopping by the business to make a purchase.

Good ratings & reviews are solid first impressions and consistent post engagement help to ensure the continued success of a business. Local Marketing Resource has the best solution to grow a hungry tribe of followers who will be loyal and give a business repeat sales and word of mouth marketing to their friends.

LMR can also offer top rated web design solutions, lead generation tools, mobile friendly web design, Google Adwords promotions, Press Releases and more.

Full details can be found at: http://LocalMarketingResource.com.

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