Local Midwest Payment Processor Acumen Connections Welcomes New Account Manager

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Wichita-local credit card payment processor, Acumen Connections, welcomes new merchant services account manager, Sean High, with goal to expand business throughout Kansas and the Midwest.

There’s a new face at Acumen Connections, Inc. The Kansas local payment processor welcomed Sean High as the company’s new Merchant Services Account Manager. High brings a fresh perspective to the role.

High will reach out to local businesses in the Midwest area to build strong, lasting relationships. He will be the main contact for new customers.

The Acumen Connections family is excited about the addition to the team. They’re sure High will help strengthen the already customer-centric culture.

“We knew Sean was the perfect fit for the team,” said Ariel Westphal, Acumen Connections Marketing Director, “He’s passionate about helping customers, and he really personifies our brand. We think with Sean on our team, Kansas is really going to start seeing some exciting opportunities in the next few years.”

For High, it’s not about pushing a new payment processing sale. It’s all about getting to know a person and making a connection in the Kansas area. He’s happy to pick up coffee for someone or even join them in a game of basketball just to get to know them better.

“When you work with a payment processor, they see a lot of information,” High said. “I try to make personal connections because I want people to know they can trust us to take great care of not only their business, but of their team, too.”

High sees networking as a great opportunity for local businesses, and he’s happy to introduce teams he feels would connect well together. High values meeting new people and building lasting relationships. He believes that “Everyone, especially Wichitans, need more honest connections, [especially] now more than ever with so many people at home.” He’s excited to create and build networking opportunities for local Wichita businesses.

High brings with him seven years of sales and customer service experience. Prior to joining Acumen Connections, High previously worked with AT&T as a Leverage Sales Representative. There, he worked to identify solutions and improve brand loyalty. He says this was a transition period of growth and development. During his time as an Account Executive with Cox, High learned about business-to-business sales. He learned to build relationships across organizations and problem solve. These solutions often helped businesses save money, save time, and improve productivity. Today, his areas of expertise are networking, collaborating, and problem solving.

High is a local alumnus and holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in business management from Central Christian College, located in McPherson Kansas.

Acumen Connections is based on the idea of having real people provide real solutions. They strive to provide a personalized service that works uniquely with each team. High makes that happen by making personal connections. For High, Acumen Connection’s values truly resonate with him. He likes that Acumen Connections customers can call a local 316 number and be connected to a real person who knows their business.

High practices what he preaches. He focuses on the networking aspect and getting to know others more than he focuses on sales.

High is excited about what the role means for him.

“I like meeting new people and just getting to know them and their goals,” High said. “The best part of my day is being able to help businesses… It’s only a plus that I can help teams save money.”

High’s joking nature makes him fun to chat with. At the same time, he makes himself available when others need him. He’s even been known to help answer a question or two after hours.

“Sean is easy to talk with for multiple reasons,” said Kate Caruthers, Acumen Connections Customer Support Specialist. “He’s personable, and he tries to be available when needed. Sometimes our merchants aren’t available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. because that’s when they’re running their store. Sean knows that and he adjusts his schedule to fit their needs.”

High’s strength is his ability to understand the wants and needs of the teams he assists. With his sales experience, he’s helped many companies find innovative solutions that have helped them increase productivity while saving money. High sees his role with Acumen Connections as an opportunity to make connections and provide support to others in his community.

“We’re excited to see Sean grow in this role,” Westphal said. “Within his first week, he already had some new, innovative ideas for our team.”

Acumen Connections, Inc. is a local business that provides premier payment processing services. For over 20 years, Acumen Connections has supported businesses in the Wichita area, and nationally, as well. They focus on providing card merchant solutions to businesses that want to accept credit cards. They strive to provide a service that acts as an extension of the merchants they work with, rather than a separate team. High is a great fit for the Merchant Services Account Manager role because he personifies what the payment processor stands for and its values. High is thrilled about the opportunities he plans to build for the Kansas community.

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