Local Landscaping Company Opens a New Location

Fine Vistas Landscaping has opened a new office in Newbury so they can serve an ever growing client base in the Cotswolds.

Fine Vistas Landscaping, a Reading based landscape gardening company, has recently opened a new office in Newbury to cope with the rise in business coming from their Cotswolds based clients. In the last couple of years Fine Vistas Landscaping have acquired a number of clients in the Cotswolds area of the UK. With it being a 2 hour drive from their Reading base, Company Director James Logan, decided to open up another office nearer his clients to cut down on his team’s travel time.

Logan says,” It just wasn’t efficient having our skilled craftsmen travelling over four hours a day to and from Reading so we opened up an office near Newbury and recruited locally so our company can serve our Cotswold and Wiltshire based clients much easier.” Fine Vistas specialise in rock gardens and stonemasonry which is particularly sought after in the Cotswolds where the houses are made from a specific type of stone. Most of the properties are made from the iconic yellow limestone rock found in the area, which is the result of the uplifting of a limestone layer in the area.

To see where their current location is and read the reviews on their high quality work visit their original office in Reading.

Logan goes on to say, “Our craftsmen are particularly sought after when working with the Jurassic limestone which is common in the Cotswolds and we have an ever growing list of clients in this part of the country. We see it as a great growth area and want to capitalise on the opportunity while we can. With our new base in West Berkshire and a couple of new vans on the road we are hoping to double our turnover in the next 3 years.”

This is one company that may be going back to the stone age to progress and they certainly have high hopes for the future.

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