Local Hobart Family Enjoy Some Unexpected Benefits of Tree Removal

A local Hobart family has found some welcome personal and financial benefits to having a large, cumbersome and intrusive tree from their yard removed.

A local Hobart family enjoys the benefits of tree removal and claims a drastic reduction in their yearly home maintenance expenses and, as a side benefit, increases the natural sunlight to their living room.

Hobart, Australia – July 14, 2021 – When Tamara Davis reviewed her expenses for the year, she was shocked to see an extra $10,000 remaining in her home maintenance bank account. She doubled check the numbers, and everything matched up, but something was still off. She then remembered the tree removal service the family had performed at the beginning of the year.

Tamara was ecstatic, “I thought how it could be that we had an extra ten thousand dollars remaining in our home maintenance account. We are great at budgeting, and we always budget the right amount for home maintenance, give or take a few hundred dollars. Yet, we are never thousands of dollars wrong. For a minute, I thought I was going crazy. But then I remember the tree removal service, and it made sense to me. I am so excited because now we have extra money to do the landscaping work in our backyard the way we want without leaving anything out!”

Anyone who owns a home with a large tree on the property can relate to things like the loss of natural sunlight, decaying leaves on the roof, clogged gutters, and garden having a lack of sunlight or covered with a layer of leaves. They also know the concerns of damage that can result from larger tree species. These are the results of a tree that is too big for the property.

Isaac Wells from Tree Removal Hobart came to Tamara’s rescue. With over 30 years of experience in ethical tree removal and transplants, they were the right team to do the job. First, they assessed the property for any issues affecting the home while preparing the tree for transfer.

Second, they estimated the depth they would need to cut into the ground to allow for proper root regrowth once transplanted to a new location. Thirdly, a contractor assessed the home to recommend repairs if needed and expectations on what the results would look like once the job was completed.

“This job was more complex than most, as we found there was some damage to the roof based on the limbs growing into the wood and roof of the home. If we had just cut off the limbs, it would have ripped part of the roof off, as well as a part of the siding of the home. So, we opted first to trim the area where the tree met the roof to cause as little damage as possible during removal. A job like this takes precision and years of experience to avoid unwanted repairs and inflating the cost of removal for the homeowner,” said Mr Wells, Tree Removal Hobart lead project contractor.

It took many truckloads of debris to clear a tree the size of a five-story building and based on the feedback from Isaac,, his only worry was the hazards of conducting a job like this in a home with occupants. Unfortunately, the homeowners needed to leave the construction process because of the risk, but in the end, it was well worth the effort.

The family was pleased with the job, and they were happy to report that they now get beautiful rays of natural sunlight into the living room each morning. The Hobart family has new plans for the living room. Their goal is to convert a little piece of the living room into a tea room to enjoy the newly created view and natural light. They are also talking to John Dirk about their plans for the backyard. They do want a few trees back there, but only those that can be maintained and will match the size of their property.

Tamara has a few words she would like to share with everyone, “If you are considering a tree removal project because your tree has outgrown your property or causing damage to your home, it can be done ethically without harming the tree. The cost savings you get from yearly maintenance and not to mention your time back from picking up leaves, is well worth it. We would not hesitate to make the same decision. It has given our planning ideas a jump start, and we are excited to see our new plans come to completion. The results were everything we hoped they would be. “

Hobart, Australia, is the capital of the Australian island state of Tasmania. Half of all Tasmanians live there, and its reduced population attracts those who enjoy a quieter way of life. Hobart is the most southern capital of Australia.

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