Local Google Reviews Software For Online Ranking/Reputation Management Launched

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Local Biz Growth has released a software system that enables small business owners to attract new customers and grow their revenue through the combined power of positive online reviews and improved search rankings.

Local Biz Growth, a company based in Boston, Massachusetts, has announced the launch of a software suite designed to help small businesses automate their online marketing initiatives and gain a competitive advantage in their local market.

For more details, please visit https://localbizgrowth.online

The new product has the advantage of combining online reviews, SEO, and reputation management in one package. These services are usually sold separately at prices that far exceed the financial means of small companies, making it extremely hard for them to compete even at a local level.

Recognizing the huge importance of online customer feedback, the software offered by Local Biz Growth generates reviews that are rich in relevant keywords and showcase the strengths of a local product or service provider. Positive testimonials on Google, Amazon, Yelp, Facebook, and similar sites promote trust-building and help convert fence-sitters into loyal customers.

An abundance of engaging and optimized favorable reviews plays an essential role in improving a company’s Google ranking. Since such reviews command more attention and keep it for longer, Google’s algorithm recognizes the listings as valuable search results and pushes them higher on search pages.

In addition, the software provides business owners with a powerful reputation management tool, allowing them to deal quickly with negative reviews. It internalizes these reviews as customer feedback before they are posted so the company has a chance to turn them into positive testimonials or hides them if they make it online.

The system offers an affordable alternative to paid ads, focusing on local search as one of the most budget-friendly options for growing foot traffic. Importantly, the software runs on autopilot, so it requires no effort on the user’s part. It also integrates with more than 1,500 pieces of custom POS software.

A Local Biz Growth representative commented, “When an enterprise builds a sterling online reputation, sales, revenue, and repeat customers are more likely to come trickling in, regardless of economic conditions. Our software enables local businesses to achieve that at an incredibly attractive cost and position themselves for sustained growth.”

Interested parties can access additional information at the link provided above.

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