Local ENT Surgeon Releases Information about UK based Children’s ENT Service

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Guildford ENT talk about their tonsillitis treatment service and how it can help children who are suffering from the common symptoms of this condition

Tonsillitis is common in kids, it is acquired by most kids at some stage in their lives, it can also cause problems for many adults. A sore throat is one of the most common symptoms that you may see in your child, but other symptoms may also follow it, such as high fever and breathing problems. It is strongly recommended that you see it as soon as you can if any of these symptoms are present.

One of the more pressing issues in the NHS, as wonderful as it actually is, the funding has been dramatically decreased. This means that you’re likely to be waiting much longer for an appointment to be seen by a specialist. This is where San Sunkaraneni, the owner of Guildford ENT’s new service comes in handy, offering children’s ENT services to the public.

In order to help relax the worried minds of parents, the new service is explicitly in operation. If you learn that your child has acquired tonsillitis, then there is a quick and effective operation that can be performed to extract the tonsils. It is a common belief among parents that the removal of the tonsils will affect the production of immunity, but this is not accurate and there is no real scientific evidence to support this, as there is still a lot of lymphoid tissue spread across the entire mouth and throat, along with other parts of the body.

Not only does this service cater to tonsillitis, however. This also involves such pressing conditions such as ear glue and snoring/sleep apnoea. One of the major causes of glue ear is due to the small tissue lumps known as adenoids, which can be removed by the new service of Guildford ENTs. One of the key reasons this is now part of the service is because of how this problem may cause hearing loss later in life, when your child is struggling with language and speech development at an earlier age, this may first come to your attention.

If your child shows signs of snoring and/or sleep apnoea symptoms, the same adenoids and/or tonsils will need to be removed – children will be left to suffer in silence if they have this disorder because of how it prevents the child from breathing during normal sleep, sometimes only briefly followed by unexpectedly starting to breathe again, which can cause some more serious complications later in life.

For more information about other services offered by Guildford ENT you can check here: http://www.guildfordent.co.uk

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