Local ENT specialist speaks up about tonsillitis issues and how they affect kids

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Local ENT specialist San Sunkaraneni speaks up about GuildfordENT's children's tonsillitis service, as well as how the condition can affect children and what to watch for

Tonsillitis is typically inflammation of the tonsils and is common in children. The tonsils are balls of lymph tissue which feature on both sides of the throat directly behind the tongue. These are an integral part of a person’s immune system, especially within children.

Local ENT specialist over at GuildfordENT said that it worth noting that this condition usually goes away on its own within 4 to 10 days and in most instances doesn’t require further attention or treatment, however in rare cases complications can arise.

One of the most common symptoms found is of course, a sore throat. However there are times when a high-fever and breathing problems may accompany other symptoms.

The tonsils are designed to trap any microorganisms attempting to enter the body and in doing so, they remove them and enable the body’s immune system to learn and recognise them in the future.

This is why many people believe removing the tonsils in children can cause children to have immunity problems however this is not the case. There are a lot of lymphoid tissues scattered throughout the mouth and throat and there is insufficient evidence to state that the removal of tonsils impairs immunological function and development.

One of the biggest benefits to tonsil removal due to infection is improved sleep. This is due to the infection causing disruption to sleep through pain/swelling. A lack of sleep can lead to feeling exhausted throughout the day and have a negative effect on a person’s mood.

Having removed tonsils, could help resolve this as well as other sleep-related issues such as sleep apnoea (where tonsils get so large they block the upper airway, causing snoring and breathing disruption).

For more information about GuildfordENTs children’s ENT for tonsillitis service, or any other ear, nose or throat service that San offers, see this website: https://www.guildfordent.co.uk

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