Local Doctors In Maryland and Virginia Help People Live Healthier

Doctors in Maryland and Virginia publish articles in Your Health Magazine and online to help people find the health care they need. Dermatologists, eye doctors, primary care physicians, OB/GYNs, or any other type of doctor or practitioner.

Today a local health magazine in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC is telling its story to help people learn about health and find the healthcare they need. This comes as the publication is now available at local grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, libraries and many doctor’s offices.

The monthly publication Your Health Magazine is now available in print at thousands of locations in Maryland and Northern Virginia, and online at www.yourhealthmagazine.net, with the mission of “Empowering and Encouraging People to Live Healthier by Going to the Doctor.”

One of the main reasons people don’t get more and better healthcare is that they don’t understand healthcare and the options available to them. This is the reason for providing information about local doctors, directly from those doctors. Local doctors provide professional advice to consumers and other doctors, which can help them learn about their health and access the healthcare they need.

What is unique about this publication is that it provides the information locally, and the doctors are local to Maryland and Northern Virginia, so people can read the information and actually access the doctors and practitioners. This is starkly different from reading an article in a national publication from a doctor in another state, or all the way across the country, and not being able to actually go to that professional.

It might be surprising to hear, but millions of people don’t go to see the doctor when they should because they really don’t know their local doctors or who to go to. It seems the health system and the doctors themselves believe that since they are there, people will just come. But, today’s world is much more complex and the idea of simply hanging up a “shingle” doesn’t really work.

Take the case of Mr. Smith. He has a medical problem. Both he and Mrs. Smith have been noticing his recent symptoms.

Mr. Smith isn’t sure what to think about his symptoms, and he doesn’t know who to ask. Mrs. Smith suggests the obvious solution: “Go see a doctor!”

Mr. Smith knows he should go see a doctor, but he doesn’t know which one to call. He’s getting stressed out. He hasn’t been to see a doctor in a long time.

He doesn’t just want to pick someone out of the insurance directory, someone he doesn’t know, and isn’t sure he can trust. So, what does Mr. Smith decide to do? The same thing millions of people do – nothing!

It sounds crazy, but this is the same reason that millions of cases of diabetes, heart disease, skin problems, and other health issues go undiagnosed and untreated every year. Patients aren’t willing to talk to someone they don’t know about one of their most serious concerns – their health.

So, how can patients initiate a relationship of trust with a dermatologist, eye doctor, primary care physician, OB/GYN, or any other physician that they’ve never met?

The good news for patients in Maryland and Northern Virginia is that they can get to know their local doctors in the pages of Your Health Magazine and online at www.yourhealthmagazine.net.

Month after month, tens of thousands of patients in Maryland and Northern Virginia learn about their local healthcare professionals by reading Your Health Magazine.

Maryland and Northern Virginia doctors are featured in the magazine, making it easy for people to learn more about them.

With special focuses each month patients read the doctors own words in articles they publish. They see the doctor’s face, and learn about their education and experience.

Monthly special focus topics include articles and information from Maryland and Northern Virginia Doctors about: Women’s Health, Beauty & Skin Care, Cardio Health, Diabetes, & Exercise, Cancer Awareness, Dental Health, Weight Control & Nutrition, Eye Care, Complementary & Integrative Health, Senior Healthcare, and Pain Management & Rehabilitation.

Mr. Smith shows the latest edition of Your Health Magazine to his wife: “Did you see this article? This doctor is writing about my exact problem. Isn’t it surprising that his office is just three miles from our house? I never even heard of him.” Mrs. Smith is very pleased that her husband is finally going to see the doctor, and she’s so relieved that he’s getting off the couch and visiting an expert who can diagnose and treat his problem.

Now Mr. and Mrs. Smith can live happily ever after.

This publication really works this way. It introduces Maryland and Northern Virginia doctors, including, dermatologists, eye doctors, primary care physicians, OB/GYNs, and many more practitioners and specialists to tens of thousands of local residents just the same way.

The magazine is distributed in cities in Maryland, such as, Germantown, Bowie, Crofton, Annapolis, Rockville, Silver Spring, Waldorf, Glen Burnie, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Bethesda, Wheaton, Odenton, Clinton, Olney, College Park, Pasadena, Laurel, Suitland, Fort Washington, Arnold, Greenbelt, Landover, Camp Springs, and Beltsville.

In Northern Virginia the magazine covers Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Reston, Leesburg, Ashburn, McLean, Annandale, Burke, Manassas, Springfield, Sterling, Falls Church, Herndon, Chantilly, Tysons, Franconia, Merrifield, and Vienna.

Your Health Magazine is helping people in Maryland and Northern Virginia find the healthcare they need. To find out more, visit www.yourhealthmagazine.net.

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