Local Digital Marketing Agency Launch Specialist SEO for Technology Companies

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Local digital marketing agency Geeky Tech deliver an update about their latest service and what it means to local and nationally based tech companies and their marketing strategies.

Local digital marketing agency based in Guildford Surrey by the name of Geeky Tech reached out to us today in regards to their latest update to their fantastic specialist SEO for technology companies service that they are now offering specifically to technology companies around the globe. When the SEO for technology companies service first came to be, it revolutionised the market completely for tech-based companies. Geeky Tech are a company that have the firm belief that the power of organic search can improve a business drastically. A quick Google search will show companies that offer PPC campaigns and sales funnels in order to improve your business and while these are effective, they won’t be effective as part of a longer-term strategy.

What Geeky Tech do is a little short of magical, they use the power of SEO to its fullest potential in order to push companies in the right direction online, transforming attracted targets into strong leads that eventually become faithful customers. The CEO at Geeky Tech, Ben Hawkshaw-Burn, makes a point of saying: “Things were always going to change, rapid expansion in the business world means we have to stay on top of our game and in turn, we will bring our clients onto the same level as we are, we will never leave you behind.”

Ben Hawkshaw-Burn continues… “The competition isn’t a worrying factor, there’s complete and utter faith in the service provided and how Geeky Tech will make you part of the family. After all, Geeky Tech is nothing without its devout and loyal clients, your success is our success. Ultimately, we knew this was going to be a huge benefit to all of our customers, once we’ve started; your leads just won’t stop!”

Geeky Tech was established a number of years ago, starting as a one-man band they have grown our family, all of which live in different parts of the globe. It has repeatedly striven for improvement and has always aimed to innovate in any large or small way it can, due to the firm belief that innovation drives progress and greater happiness.

For more information about Geeky Tech’s service click here: https://www.geekytech.co.uk/

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