Local Businesses Need to Fight for After Christmas Sales

An expert in local marketing says local business owners need to do all they can to attract shoppers for their after Christmas sales.

Most people do their shopping in the weeks before Christmas, but one expert is sounding the alarm that local business owners shouldn’t discount the magnitude of after-Christmas sales.

“Too many local business owners stop trying to attract new customers after Christmas,” says a spokesman from FindUsLocal.com, an online local business directory that offers free advertising to local shops, restaurants, and service businesses. “But that’s a huge mistake.”

He says experts agree that many consumers wait to make their holiday purchases so they can take advantage of the after-Christmas sales offered at their local shops. “If local business owners close up shop or stop trying to get the attention of shoppers after Christmas, they will miss out on a lot of business.” He continues, “Some local business owners do a large bulk of their yearly business during this time.”

He says the best way to ensure that all those after Christmas shoppers can find local businesses is to ensure that each local shop, restaurant, and service business has an up-to-date local business listing. “It’s easy to create a local business listing,” he says. “Just go to FindUsLocal.com and find your local business listing. Then look it over and make sure all of the details are correct so all those after Christmas shoppers can find your business.”

He says it’s important to pay attention to the store’s name, address, phone number, store hours, and which types of payments are accepted. “These are the details after Christmas shoppers look for when finding local businesses on local directories,” he says.

FindUsLocal.com is a local business directory that uses GEO location technology to make each visitor’s experience unique. It strives to be the best free business directory available by consistently advertising, improving the site, and working with small business owners to provide free advertising. In fact, the site recently underwent a major overhaul to improve every user’s experience.

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