Local Businesses Could Be at Risk Without This Knowledge

It's more important than ever for local business owners to ensure that consumer can find their shops. A local business expert talks about one error that could prevent shoppers from finding a business.

According to an expert in local marketing tactics, local business owners could be at a risk of losing customers if they fail to update their local business listings in online directories.

“Many local business owners don’t realize that they are already listed in multiple online local business directories,” says a spokesman from FindUsLocal.com, a local business directory that offers free business listings to local shops and restaurants,” he says. “Or, if they do know it, they assume that their business listing is correct and that’s a mistake.”

He says that local business directories list local shops, restaurants, and service businesses that operate in each area, but the information may not be correct. For instance, a business phone number could be incorrect, or in some cases, even the address. “Considering that a large percentage of consumers who get bad information about a business won’t attempt to do business with them again, it’s vital that every local business owner update all of their local business listings.”

He says the easiest way to do that is to go to premium online business directories like FindUsLocal.com and claim the business. Then, fill in the correct details so consumers find the right information when viewing the local listing.

Luckily, business owners can do this for free. “It may take time to track down off of your local business listings and update them, but it’s time well spent.” He also says that it’s more important than ever to update local business listings because holiday shoppers will rely on those listings to find local businesses they want to shop at.

FindUsLocal.com is a local business directory that uses GEO location technology to make each visitor’s experience unique. It strives to be the best free business directory available by consistently advertising, improving the site, and working with small business owners to provide free advertising. Its services are free to all local shop owners, restaurant owners, as well as owners of local service businesses.

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