Local Business Owners Wanted for Beta Video Opportunity

Owners of local businesses looking for a way to attract more customers may sign up for a Beta program that produces a reputation-enhancing video from a pre-existing, 5-star written testimonial.

Ironox Works has a very limited number of beta slots available for owners of local businesses interested in using online video to enhance their business’s reputation to attract more customers. The company is seeking feedback from qualified candidates in exchange for underwriting all video production costs.

Interested potential beta testers can find out more by visiting the website: http://ironoxworks.com/ or by calling 716-408-0343 (in the U.S.A.).

Ironox Works has plans to incorporate several valuable features in these videos, including:

1. using a third-person video to enhance a written testimonial. Excellent, 5-star written testimonials from satisfied customers are important, but it’s critical to market them properly. Since prospects would rather watch a video than read, videos are the best way to do that. Seth Godin: “We now live in a world where it’s all marketing.”

2. having a first-rate video production that includes a professional spokesmodel presenting the testimonial, great sound, great lighting, and top- notch graphics.

3. having a video that is customized for your business including a background of your place of business such as an office or store and an appropriate call to action.

4. optimizing and then syndicating each video for maximum impact.

Selected beta testers will be expected to give feedback on these as well as other features.

Dr. Dennis E. Bradford, Director of Marketing, is eager to find the right match between these reputation-enhancing videos from written testimonials and owners of local businesses. In particular,

“Ironox Works is looking for practical feedback that will allow us to make specific improvements to these reputation-enhancing videos. In exchange, selected owners of local businesses will have all the video production costs underwritten by us throughout the beta period. We’re also considering a special incentive plan to reward these early testers with special pricing should they want additional videos or other services.”

Qualified beta candidates may call Dr. Bradford directly (717-408-0343) or find additional information at on the website, http://ironoxworks.com/

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