Local Business Guru Says Small Business Owners Must Expand Their Reach

Too many local business owners are relying on only one way to attract holiday shoppers. One local business guru suggests that if they expand their efforts, they will see more sales.

It’s almost the holiday season, and one local business guru says that local business owners who don’t think out of the box this year may get left behind as far as Christmas sales. “Too many local shop owners do all they can to market their business, but unfortunately, they’re only speaking to half of the population,” says a spokesman from FindUsLocal.com, an online local business directory that offers free advertising to local business owners.

He says that today’s consumers are split into two groups: those that are likely to visit local shops and interact with people and those who prefer to purchase their products online and have them delivered to their homes. “If local business owners only appeal to the first group, they are losing out on half of their potential business.” And that’s why he says that many local business owners need to change the way they thing this year if they want to enjoy robust holiday sales.

He recommends that small shop owners approach marketing for the holidays in two steps. “First,” he says, “they should ensure they can be found by local shoppers by listing their business on a local business directory. It’s the first place shoppers look when they want to find a local business,” he says

Next, he recommends that local shop owners expand their business websites and begin offering some products to online shoppers. “Many people want the convenience of shopping online, and if you give them that option, you will gain more customers.”

He says that by appealing to both types of shoppers, local business owners will have double the chance of ringing in more of the holiday sales this year.

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