Local Business Expert Shares Advice for Getting Seen by Consumers

Getting seen online by local consumers is more important than ever according to an expert in local business. He shares why local shop owners need to update their local business listings now.

According to an expert in local business marketing, it’s more important than ever for local business owners to ensure that customers can find their shop or restaurant online. He says that those local shop owners who don’t get their information in front of online consumers are missing out.

“We see it time and time again,” says a spokesman from FindUsLocal.com, an online local business directory that helps local business owners connect with local consumers, “local retails and restauranteurs rely on old-school methods of marketing such as advertising in the Yellow Pages, but that simply doesn’t work anymore.”

Instead, he says, local shop owners need to do everything possible to get their business in front of online consumers. “Studies show that 70 percent of consumers do online research about a business before visiting it,” he says. “And if a local business listing isn’t updated, consumers will find a business listing that is.”

He says that most local businesses are already listed on local directories, but the information may not be accurate. And that can be a huge problem because consumers may show up at the wrong time, travel to an old address, or call an out of date phone number. Other studies show that when a consumer interacts with an out of date local business listing, it causes ill will toward that business. “And in these times,” he says, “that’s the last thing local shop owners need.”

“The answer,” he says, “is to find your local business listing on sites like FindUsLocal.com and update the information. That way, consumers will have all the information they need to decide whether or not to visit your establishment.”

FindUsLocal.com is a local business directory that uses GEO location technology to make each visitor’s experience unique. It strives to be the best free business directory available by consistently advertising, improving the site, and working with small business owners to provide free advertising. Its services are free to all local shop owners, restaurant owners, as well as owners of local service businesses.

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