Local Business Directory Offers Free Listings for Business Owners

The owner of a local business directory offers free listings to local businesses.

People who run a local business, are probably already aware that in order to attract today’s consumers, they need to be listed online. And an owner of a successful local business directory is making it easier for business owners to do just that.

“A lot of business directories have a barrier to entry in the form of expensive fees,” says a spokesman from FindUsLocal, an online business directory that makes use of GEO technology to match visitors with events and information in their area. “But we offer a free level for our local directory that makes it accessible to everyone.”

His directory also offers a paid version which offers business owners the chance to be exclusively featured on the page and the ability to link the listing with their website.

“The days are gone when local business owners can rely on word of mouth or local advertising to draw in new customers,” he says. “And it’s too easy to get lost in the sea of listings in general search engines when you’re a local business. Our local business directory levels the field and makes a way for small, community based businesses to get noticed in a global business environment.”

The spokesman recommends that if business owners list their stores on local directories, they make sure and use the same phone number, business name, and address in each listing. “Otherwise,” he says, “the search engines won’t attribute all listings to that business, and that will cause their ranking to fall.”

About FindUsLocal: FindUsLocal uses geolocation technology in visitor’s browsers to construct a home page focused on their city, town or community. Right there on the front page, they’ll find local weather, sports results for their favorite teams, and announcements of the top musical acts and events coming to their city. Smart business owners list their businesses on the site to be seen by those who are specifically looking for businesses in their local area.

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