Local Business Directory Experts Says Authenticity is the New Marketing Strategy

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An expert from a local business directory says authenticity is the new standard for local business marketing.

The word “fake” has been all over the news lately. Whether it’s the current administration accusing the mainstream media of running fake new stories, or documentaries about how much of the nation’s food these days is fake and unhealthy, it’s inescapable. But all of the hubbub about fake news and products has taken a toll on American consumers.

“People don’t know where to turn anymore when they want to find a local business they can trust,” says a spokesman from FindUsLocal.com, a local business directory that uses cutting edge GEO location technology to show visitors a customized home page based on their location. “And that has created a sweet spot for those local business owners who understand how to use the trend to benefit their businesses.”

He says that all the news revolving around fakeness has created a hunger in consumers for authenticity, and local business owners can easily take advantage of that by taking a few simple steps.

“For starters,” he says, “Local business owners should make sure they have sufficient social proof so that prospective customers feel good about trying their business. If they see a good number of positive reviews, or complimentary tweets or Instagram posts about the business, it will go a long way in giving the business credibility.”

He also says that all local business owners should have a listing on a local business directory. “If a business isn’t online, new customers can’t find them, but not all small shops and restaurants can afford a website,” he says. “And that’s where local business directories come in. Owners can get a free listing so that new customers can find them.”

He also says it’s important for local business owners to get active in their community. “If you want to appear authentic and trustworthy,” he says, “You’ll need to get out and mingle with the people in your community. Take up a cause for a local in need, or participate in local fairs and other events.”

Authenticity is the new desired business trait for local businesses, and according to this expert, it’s the one thing that will set local businesses apart from the crowd in a busy and chaotic online marketplace.

About FindUsLocal: FindUsLocal uses geolocation technology in visitor’s browsers to construct a home page focused on their city, town or community. Right there on the front page, they’ll find local weather, sports results for their favorite teams, and announcements of the top musical acts and events coming to their city. Smart business owners list their businesses on the site to be seen by those who are specifically looking for businesses in their local area.

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