Local Business 5G Mobile App Marketing Software For Apple Google Play Launched

22Apps has launched it's mobile sales and marketing app software. It empowers small and local businesses to create an affordable app that increases exposure and sales.

22Apps has launched their mobile app marketing software for local businesses. The software is designed to allow anyone to quickly develop marketing apps for their business.

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22Apps was specifically launched with small and local businesses in mind. Businesses that are not utilizing apps in their marketing efforts will be left behind as the 5G revolution takes hold and traditional websites, email, and other first-generation internet solutions become obsolete.

This software allows anyone to create their app and have it added to the Apple app and Google Play App Store. This creates new avenues for the local business to increase their reach and accommodate impatient and busy shoppers on the go. Research shows that the device of choice is now the smartphone with 87% of online activity being on a phone vs. a computer or pad. This software gives users access to a complete platform built to enable the building of personalized mobile apps and entry to mobile marketing.

Businesses and entrepreneurs can build an app with full navigation and access to all the premium features this platform provides. The company is giving users complimentary bandwidth, hosting, instant and unlimited app updates, unlimited push notifications, and highly optimized app templates.

During the launch, additional features provided include fully customizable app pages with unlimited content, app logo, splash screen, lifetime software and app updates, in-app webpage links, training, and in-depth courses.

Internet marketers, website designers, and digital marketing agencies are excited about the launch of this software. They are reporting to the company that orders are already being taken to develop apps for their existing clients. They are also now able to provide an app for many businesses that were not within their market because of the ease and speed this software gives them in the creation of apps.

The launch of 22Apps now gives local businesses, entrepreneurs, inventors, and causes affordable app building software.

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Release ID: 88985157