Local Brisbane SEO Expert Launches A Free SEO Audit Tool To Check Your SEO.

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Local Brisbane SEO expert Jason Suli from Profit SEO launches a free SEO audit tool for customers to be able to check their SEO score so they can compete with their competitors.

Profit SEO, a leading Brisbane SEO, and online marketing agency, announced the launch of the company’s Free Audit Service where users can check their local business score. With a simple click of a button and in under a minute, the new tool offers a detailed SEO analysis of any targeted website. It provides a list of actionable recommendations which can be utilised to enhance search engine result positioning directly. Drawing upon Profit SEO’s unrivaled depth and breadth of hugely successful SEO experience, the newest and free auditing tool will prove significantly valuable to those who use it.

Today’s SEO changes always. Each week, minute and second, Google is always updating their algorithm. An SEO audit from Profit SEO will highlight hidden concerns which might not have been important when a business owner first launched their online business. Performing a regular SEO audit will guarantee they’re following the best SEO practices.

Profit SEO’s online marketing solutions are only as highly deemed, making efficient use of Profit SEO’s lifelong experience and training in the visual arts together with the equally amazing skills of their experts. The new Brisbane SEO Services is mere as useful and powerful about website design questions. It analyses sitemaps, written copy, site images, meta tags, URLs and other website elements automatically. It points out area which is ripe for lucrative improvement.

“We are very proud to announce the availability of our newest SEO auditing tool,” Profit SEO founder said. “Never before has much SEO auditing power been accessible in such a convenient form. We are thrilled to be able to offer this industry-leading tool for free to customers and visitors to our website. We help that a lot of people will take advantage of it.”

The new and free SEO auditing tool is available free of charge without obligation to all website visitors of Profit SEO website. With a single button press, the tool offers a comprehensive, in-depth SEO analysis of a website under a minute including

· reporting on social media engagement,

· measuring website speed,

· along with the option of comparing to a competitor’s site, too.

Interested business owners who want to perform an SEO audit and know their SEO score can go to https://profitseo.com.au/free-seo-audit/.

About Profit SEO:

Profit SEO is a team of experienced and professional online marketing experts. They understand the search engine setting and their unique approach to SEO enables them the ability to take the site of their client to the top of the major search engines. They employ close collaboration to generate creative, highly personalised answers for customers’ goals and needs.


For more information about Profit SEO’s brand new SEO auditing tool, contact Jason Suli at 1300 212 191 or visit the website.

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