Local B1 Locksmith in Tempe, AZ Offers Tips to Help Protect Your Home and Family

Good locks are key to protecting your home, property & family from intruders. Rekeying your locks is a good option that can save money, but new more secured locks and aren't too much more.

Local B1 Locksmith in Tempe, Arizona Offers Some Tips to Help Protect Your Home and Family

Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert, Arizona area neighborhoods have been hit with an increase of home burglaries. The statistics are startling, but they highlight the fact that burglary is a crime to be aware of. The good news is that the Professional Locksmiths at B1 Locksmith in Tempe and throughout the Phoenix Metro area have some great tips and are ready to help you protect your home and family. If you have already been a victim of a burglary, depending on the circumstances, you will feel better if you had the locks changed.

Ask a Professional Locksmith at B1 Locksmith of Tempe if and under what circumstances you should have the locks in your home replaced or rekeyed. In most situations, getting your home rekeyed is a good choice. However, the best and most effective method is to replace them with better and more secured locks. Although costs between replacing or rekeying are comparable, more often, replacing with new secured locks provide greater peace of mind and in some cases the job can be done more quickly.

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If you lost your keys, or maybe they were stolen, unfortunately, you have no idea where the key could be, or that also means you don’t have any idea who could have it. If you just get a duplicate key made, the lost key is still out there. So instead of making a duplicate, perhaps you should replace the locks or rekey your home – this alleviates any risk of someone out there having the ability to access your home without your permission.

If you own a rental property or you buy a house, replacing or rekeying the locks ensures you control access to the property. Take care of this issue as soon as you can to prevent any unauthorized entry to the house or apartment. You don’t know if a previous owner or tenant had duplicate keys made, or how many duplicate keys might be floating around out there. Any time someone moves in or out of a rental property, you should replace with new locks or at least rekey the deadbolts and doorknobs that have locks.

If you rekey, you may not have to purchase an entirely new deadbolt set, brand-new doorknobs, or an entirely different set of locks for every exterior door in your home. Instead, all you pay for is each cylinder, plus labor for a locksmith. Some might think a locksmith can get your entire home rekeyed in far less time than it takes to replace an entire lock or doorknob. However, that may not always be true. More secured and complex locks may take far more time to rekey than typical ones. Also, because locks are so different from each other, sometimes in the same property, it may take much longer to rekey than to replace with new locks.

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Time is money, so it would be wise to consider the convenience of hiring B1 Locksmith to get the job done right the first time. A professional locksmith guarantees the work, doesn’t waste time, and provides a professional consultation at your home. It’s faster than reading reviews of the best locks to buy, going to a hardware store and trying to learn how to have your home rekeyed by watching an instructional video; a particularly risky DIY. The time you save from hiring a professional saves you money in the long run.

Even worse, if you purchase the wrong type of lock, it may not even fit where your deadbolt or doorknob goes. That causes even more headaches, and your house is even less secure than before (while you wait for the correct locking hardware). A professional locksmith mitigates all of theses issues, thanks to professional experience and knowledge. So, make sure you hire a company that has high-quality references, lots of online reviews and the respect of your community.

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