Ljubljana EU COPD/Respiratory Disorder Home Treatment – Airnergy Machine Launch

Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU) - Oxygen Vital announces that it is now carrying Airnergy Professional Plus Compact for those suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) or other types of respiratory conditions. The multi-awarded device safely converts oxygen into its more active form.

With the goal of helping more residents live healthier lives, Oxygen Vital has become a distributor of the Airnergy Professional Plus Compact. Similar to its sisters, the compact version of the premium air breathing device can be used as maintenance support for inhaling and exhaling.

More details can be found at https://oxygenvital.com/spirovital-therapy-with-airnergy/

With the newly announced distributorship, residents in the country can safely stay at home while finding the medical care they need for their respiratory condition. According to several studies, many sufferers of COPD or asthma are hesitant to seek medical help for their condition due to the ongoing health crisis. Now, they can conveniently strengthen their immune system with one of the leading activated oxygen therapy machines in the world.

Airnergy specializes in respiratory therapy machines that facilitate and optimize oxygen utilization in cells and tissues. By helping the body use its oxygen supply more efficiently, the machine helps patients with respiratory disorders breathe more easily. Nevertheless, it may also be used for geriatric patients, obese individuals, or those with cardiovascular conditions.

Non-invasive oxygen therapy works by converting oxygen in the air into a more absorbable form. Because the body receives more active oxygen, it can perform its functions more economically, which lessens stress loads. This, in turn, has a compounding effect, with patients reporting an improvement of energy levels after a few weeks of consistent use. Further details can be found at https://store.oxygenvital.com/product/airnergy-proffessional-plus-compact

Airnergy manufactures a unique oxygen energy therapy device that transforms polluting air into a vital atmosphere. Using its patented technology, each machine increases the body’s natural regenerating process. Home oxygen therapy can be used by anyone wanting to improve their breathing.

Oxygen Vital says that it is distributing the Airnergy Professional Plus to make the device more accessible for people in Slovenia and around Europe. It hopes to ship to the United States sometime next year.

Those who want to learn more about the device can contact one of the experts at Oxygen Vital.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://store.oxygenvital.com/page/contact

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