Livingston TX Small Business Startup Ideas Report Released

A new report, Learn How To Start A New Business and Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes All Startups Make, has been released by author Dr Karl Ruegg.

Published author Dr Karl Ruegg has released a new report: Learn How To Start A New Business and Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes All Startups Make, available from the following the website:

Dr Ruegg says that 95 percent of all small business startups fail within five years. The new report reveals the three biggest mistakes a small business startup typically makes, as well as describing how these issues can be overcome and providing tips on generating ample new leads for a business without spending a cent on marketing or advertising.

The report covers in depth a number of strategies that Dr Ruegg says is vital to the success and growth of any small business, with demonstrable examples of how they work. The strategies for small business owners cover learning the following: how to stand out amongst competitors; how to master the market within the relevant industry; how to ensure a business’ service or product becomes an obvious choice to buyers; how to create a 10 second elevator pitch that produces a successful outcome; access to a proprietary, comprehensive marketing library; and, a customised roadmap for each business with a blueprint for success.

The report also highlights the importance of the acquisition of new customers, one of the most challenging aspects of running a small business, and cites examples from its e-learning marketing system. Equally as important, it also discusses the need for small business to learn how to turn prospective buyers into actual customers, as this takes pressure off them having to constantly increase the amount of traffic to their website, if they can master working with the opportunities they already have.

Other aspects covered by the report gives small business owners an insight into communication methods with their client and prospect base, such as frequency of communication, type of communication and so on. It says, if done correctly, small businesses can benefit from an increased number of transactions per client, repeat business, and succeed based on their customers’ perceived value of buying the product or service, regardless of price.

Dr Ruegg’s website also contains an online guided tour of his e-learning marketing system, following which viewers may subscribe to a series of four videos outlining how small businesses can generate more visitors and prospective clients to their online businesses.

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