LiveWire Tackle Offers Free Guide On How to Find Fish Offshore

Novice and advanced fisherman looking for the latest info on how to find pelagic fish offshore can stop by LiveWire Tackle for a rundown of the top 2 tips on the subject.

LiveWire Tackle has released a new blog post containing free tips to help novice and advanced anglers cut through the clutter and get to the most important aspects of how to find pelagic fish offshore. The full list of tips can be found on the company’s website,…

The blog classifies the tips of how to find fish offshore into two categories, moving indicators and fixed structures. Moving indicators include, birds, weed lines, and floating debris. The blog post goes into detail about how to specifically watch and follow frigate birds to find fish and the importance of understanding the feeding pattern, lifestyle, and body language of these birds. In addition to birds, the blog post explains how and why weed lines and floating debris attract predators at all levels of the food chain, and how to use these moving indicators to gain an advantage. Futhermore, fixed structures include oil rigs, underwater sea mounds, and deep water canyons. The blog post explains how each of these structures attract pelagic fish and the most effective ways for anglers to take advantage of these edifices.

Additionally, the blog post also mentions how thinking like a fish can help catch fish. Keeping their food source and living conditions in mind will be beneficial for any day out at sea.

When asked about the reasons behind the tip sheet, Rich, Owner of LiveWire Tackle said, “One of the most common questions new offshore fisherman ask concern how to fish offshor”. To be quite honest there is no one right answer, everyday on the water is different.”

The blog post is available for free, and novice and advanced fisherman are encouraged to share the tips with others that may find the information useful. Any questions can be answered by going to the company website, and filling out the contact form there.

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