Live Rank Sniper Robert Phillips Keyword Ranking Tester & Checker Tool Launched

An original keyword research software, entitled Live Rank Sniper, which allows marketers, businesses, YouTubers, bloggers and even SEO consultants to easily test a list of keywords and find out within minutes which ones will deliver page one Google rankings, has been launched.

Live Rank Sniper, an original and pioneering keyword research and ranking software which allows anyone to find out in ‘real time’ whether the keywords they’re targeting will rank on the first page of Google, has been launched.

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An effective SEO strategy remains one of the single most important factors for a successful and thriving web presence and first page search engine rankings the ‘holy grail’ chased by most businesses and individuals operating online, with recent studies by Google showing that 91.5% of traffic goes to page 1 results.

To help business owners, marketers, bloggers, YouTubers or even SEO consultants enjoy the benefits of a flawless SEO strategy and be able to rank on the first page of Google without time consuming ‘hit and miss’ research or costly outsourcing, the SEO experts Peter Drew and Craig Crawford announced the launch of Live Rank Sniper.

The software allows users to ‘test’ their list of keywords and find out within minutes which of their search terms will land on the first page of Google and which ones to leave out, before optimizing their website or uploading their videos, blogs or podcasts, for the kind of flawless SEO strategy that can ensure more traffic, views or sales.

More information on the newly announced Live Rank Sniper software and its simple three step system to quickly and easily test any list of keywords along with a demo video on how to use the software and details on its proven track record ensuring page 1 rankings can be consulted at the website link provided above or at

The Live Rank Sniper developers, Peter Drew and Craig Crawford, explain that “what if there was a crystal ball that could tell us which keywords to focus on for page 1 Google rankings? Well, that’s exactly what we came up with. Live Rank Sniper is the way to make finding quality keywords and getting 1st page search engine rankings an exact science and save countless hours of research, by having those ‘money’ page 1 keywords delivered on a silver platter, in minutes.”

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