Live Minder: Effective, Affordable Local Business Marketing for Raleigh, NC

Live Minder has redefined Local Business Market SEO by releasing Live Minder Local Business Marketing services. Further information can be found at

Live Minder announced the beginning of its new local business market Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing service.Today, the need for consistent Buyer traffic, leads and sales is unquestioned. The traffic a local business receives will be guaranteed. The aim of this service is to ensure the business owner has consistent traffic and Buyer ready leads in the business Sales Funnel.

The objective of Live Minder Service is to create an environment where the owner can close the sales that keeps that business and employees thriving. Live Minder service can guarantee Buyer traffic, because Dexter Nelson, Owner and Lead Marketing Analyst at Live Minder, is doing the majority of the work personally. And, he knows his Market Research. His background as a programmer and systems engineer, (Microsoft Certified), gives him unique insight, access to data and the ability to find information that most professionals lacking an IT background simply cannot match.

Dexter Nelson says: “We wanted to try something new with this. Today, the need for consistent buyer traffic, leads and sales is evident. Anyone familiar with the Local Business market will have noticed how everyone else seems to promise you increased visibility, charge you money and leave you wanting for better results. This is a problem because Market Research, as we do it, is not a tool most other digital marketing companies have in their toolboxes. They can get you in front of people. We can get you in front of Buyers…”

The Live Minder Project, which began as a market research, data analysis, and forecasting service, specializing in data mining and information gathering for businesses where information was mission critical, has evolved to be a new player and leader in market research and online marketing. Live Minder chose to make this move, because in today’s chaotic, Local Business Marketing environment, it simply built a better mousetrap.

Dexter Nelson also said “We want to give the business owner options. With our new paradigm, the traffic the owner receives will be guaranteed. We want the client to feel confident that they have consistent traffic flow in the funnel, with Buyer ready leads, so they close the sales that keep the business viable, during these uncertain economic times. Trying something new is a risk, but it’s a risk we believe is worth taking.”

Live Minder has been in business since August 2011. From Day 1, it has aimed to offer Affordable, Effective local business internet/online marketing service. The new Local Business Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing service launched 27 April 2020. You can view the announcement here . The service rollout began in Durham with Raleigh and Greensboro to follow. Next, it will release in Honolulu and Orlando, followed by release in Chula Vista, Irvine, Stockton, Riverside, Bakersfield and Anaheim, California.

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