Little Rock Arkansas Pet Friendly Homes For Rent To Own Properties Announced

Rent to own home ownership company Home Buyers Inventory announced the availability of pet-friendly affordable properties in Arkansas. The company’s growing inventory of homes in Arkansas is available to renters with low down payments giving them a rent to own home ownership plan.

Nevada homeownership company Home Buyers Inventory announced the availability of pet-friendly Rent to Own properties in Little Rock Arkansas. The real estate investing firm offers individuals and families the opportunity to move from renting to commencing home ownership in as little as a 30-month period.

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The real estate investing companies Arkansas listings feature residential properties in Little Rock Arkansas that are ready for immediate tenant buyer occupancy. Home Buyers Inventory programs make home ownership more possible with low down payments that are credited toward the tenant buyers down payment with the bank, if the tenant buyer executes their option to purchase the home.

Home Buyers Inventory is connected to a network of people and resources in Arkansas which allow Tenant Buyers to enjoy an accelerated path to home ownership.

The company’s client-friendly rental agreement allows Tenant Buyers regular monthly payments, when tenant buyers sign up for a service that allows reporting of good payments, to build a client’s credit score and are reported through rental credit reporting agencies.

At the end of the tenancy period, clients may choose to opt out of the program or leverage their improved credit score, self-employment income tax verification or job consistency to qualify for home ownership channels through traditional methods.

Arkansas properties from Home Buyers Inventory are pet-friendly and available to renters who are unable to qualify for any other purchasing channel due to a recent relocation, poor credit score, self-employment or any other situation that prevents immediate ownership.

According to a spokesperson for the Arkansas rent to own home provider, “We offer a no-obligation homeownership plan that is designed with a client’s best interests at heart. Our nominal down payments and affordable rent structures are backed by our deep knowledge of real estate and homeownership criteria.”

Home Buyers Inventory is a full-spectrum rent to own home ownership company with property listings for self-owned properties across the United States. The company is headed by experienced real estate entrepreneur Roberta Eastman. Featured properties are listed on the company’s “hot list” and are available to email subscribers.

More information is available over the phone at 501-222-7576 and at the URL above.

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