Little Chick Kids Plug In Night Light For Toddler Baby Nursery Room Released

Little Chick Night Light, a simple plug in night light with a child-friendly little chick design and a soft comforting yellow glow ideal to promote deep sleep and ensure children, from newborns to teens, feel safe at night, has been released by Handcrafted Goods.

The highly innovative company, Handcrafted Goods, has announced their premier plug in Night Light with a convenient dusk to dawn auto sensor that emits a soft comforting yellow glow, ideal to help children relax and feel secure all night.

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Handcrafted Goods has with an established reputation for designing high quality home and travel products combining convenient and innovative features ideal to help improve one’s ‘day-to-day’ routine with elegant designs at affordable prices.

The company has just announced its Little Chick Baby Night Light that combines a fun and child-friendly design of a little newborn chick emerging from its egg with a warm, soft and soothing yellow color glow, ideal to be plugged into any available wall outlet in a bedroom, nursery, bathroom or hallway to help promote deep sleep and ensure children, from newborns to teens, feel safe and secure at night.

The simple plug-in Little Chick Night Light also contains an auto sensor that turns the light on and off as it senses darkness or daylight and gradually adjusts brightness in response to ambient lighting conditions along with ultra-low power consumption, features that allow it to be left plugged-in at all times while remaining cool to touch and safe for a child’s room.

More information on the Little Chick Night Light, available at a very affordable price on Amazon, along with details on its reliable, safe, convenient and child-friendly features and the 0.1W LED bulb offering an ultra-low power consumption can be seen along with multiple parent testimonials and 5-star ratings at

Drew Waters, Product Design Manager at Handcrafted Goods, explains that “with all kinds of imaginary monsters lurking about, we all know how night time can get pretty scary for the little ones. The Little Chick night light offers a sweet addition to any child’s room, nursery, hallway or bathroom that both boys and girls love. It creates a soft, warm and comforting yellow glow that promotes deep sleep and helps kids relax and feel secure all night long”.

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