Literacy Skills Importance For Education Successful Endeavors Report Launched

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Reading and writing go hand in hand in developing early literacy skills in children. This is according to an article written by Kim Southwell, founder of the Reading Ranch Tutorial Center.

The Reading Ranch Tutorial Center has launched a blog article, reporting on the importance of literacy for children. It features how reading and writing go hand in hand for success in the endeavors of one’s child.

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The new article was written by the founder, owner, and director of the Reading Ranch Tutorial Center, Kim Southwell. In it, she highlights and describes five aspects of writing in which the company offers its service.

According to Kim, the acts of reading and being read to are the keys to improving a child’s vocabulary, communication, and comprehension. These acts also serve to open the imagination and eyes of children to the world around them. For this reason, the founder, through the Reading Ranch Tutorial Center, advocates parents to read to and encourage their child to read.

However, as was its aim when compiled, the blog informs readers that giving a child the best head start possible in life goes beyond encouraging their ability to read. It posits that having a solid foundation in early literacy entails having the ability to read as well as write.

“A child’s literacy development is dependent on reading and writing. In fact, it’s long been said that the best readers make the best writers and the best writers are good readers. Why? Well, the ability to read, write, and comprehend creates the basis of all education and even career success. When interwoven, children learn about punctuation, storytelling, vocabulary, grammar, capitalization, sentence structure, and the ability to express ideas,” Kim explains in the blog.

Other benefits that come from the development of both reading and writing skills in children, according to the article, are the ability to write their own stories and improved penmanship and handwriting. Children who learn to read and write at an early age will also have improved imagination, analysis, and critical thinking skills, as well as development in their language and fluency.

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Among the writing programs offered at the Reading Ranch Tutorial Center are Penmanship and Handwriting, Modeled Writing, Shared Writing, and Guided Writing. After they would have mastered the other four programs, students will also be introduced to Independent Writing.

The literacy programs provided by the Reading Ranch afford writing skills to students in the PreK to 6th grades. Sessions are available in-person and online.

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