LIST JV Growing Forward Big Lists Lance Groom 2017 Marketing Course Launched

Lance Groom, a professional digital marketer and course developer, launched LIST JV – Growing Forward Big Lists. The e-mail marketing and list building course is designed to help users create e-mail lists and run effective e-mail marketing campaigns.

Professional digital marketer Lance Groom announced the launch of LIST JV – Growing Forward Big Lists, a new course helping users create e-mail lists, write marketing e-mails and run effective e-mail marketing campaigns.

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Online marketing has seen a tremendous growth in recent years, as more and more businesses use online resources to promote their products and services, increase their online reputation, and establish direct contact with a variety of clients. Surveys show that more than 90% of all consumers use online reviews or Google searches to find business information, making online visibility crucial for overall business success.

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective forms of internet marketing, with more than 80% of shoppers receiving e-mails based on previous shopping experiences being likely to make a similar purchase. Overall, marketers agree that e-mail marketing is more effective than social media when it comes to click-through rate, making it an important tool for any online or offline business.

LIST JV – Growing Forward Big Lists is a new course providing users with a variety of information on developing large e-mail lists and using them for marketing purposes.

The course contains specific, step-by-step information on how to build large e-mail lists that can later be used for internet marketing campaigns. The course is aimed at users without previous marketing experience, and it does not require any technical knowledge of online or e-mail marketing.

Developing an e-mail list is only the first step towards running a successful e-mail marketing campaign. The course also provides a variety of educational materials on how to write effective e-mails and e-mail sequences in order to attract more potential clients.

Finally, for everyone looking for more advanced e-mail marketing methods, the course also provides the option of scheduling a one-on-one training with a marketing expert.

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