Lisa Sicre Loan Expert Refinancing Budgeting Calculator Services Expanded

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Motto Mortgages has expanded its range of online services in Denver to provide financial advice on loan comparison and competitive rates for homebuyers and individuals looking to refinance their property.

Lisa Sicre, a Senior Mortgage Advisor with Motto Mortgage based in Santa Fe, New Mexico has released an updated range of services. Lisa offers expert loan advice and other resources to homebuyers and refinancers interested in finding comparisons and competitive rates with easy application.

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Lisa’s Team offers solutions by working closely with each customer to calculate their budget, seal an exceptional mortgage deal or lower monthly payments by refinancing their property. She is a dedicated expert providing a step-by-step guide to securing a mortgage, budget planning tips detail checking credit scores, selecting a mortgage and making a down payment plan. The recently updated services aim to provide an effective network system and precise calculators for individuals trying to navigate the real estate market.

Studies conducted by the Mortgage Bankers Association prove mortgage credit availability has decreased sharply since March 2020, making it significantly more difficult for individuals to buy a house or refinance a mortgage. Further research shows many of America’s most prominent lenders have raised borrowing standards, requiring higher credit scores and down payments for new mortgage originations.

The company’s online resources include an informative jargon glossary, clarifying complex terms and processes including ‘Loan-To-Value ratio’, ‘Private Mortgage Insurance’ and the ‘1003 Form’. The complimentary mortgage calculators also enable users to adjust financial facets for payment and savings estimates, helping them to compare ‘no-cost’ and traditional mortgages and assess what they can afford.

With the latest announcement, Lisa Sicre continues to expand its range of high-quality loan services for home buyers and refinancers in New Mexico, Arizona, and the surrounding areas.

One satisfied client said: “Lisa pulled a miracle for one of my buyers and saved a deal that we all thought would fall through. She is amazing!”

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