Lisa Rone MBA Announces Leadership Courses For Personal And Professional Growth

Lisa Rone announces that she became the first African-American woman to create nine online courses during the pandemic. The courses teach aspiring leaders how to successfully navigate the economic crisis caused by the current health crisis.

Lisa Rone, MBA, author, and founder of Berry Academy for Business Development, announces that she attained a significant achievement in promoting African-American women in leadership roles with the launch of her nine professional growth courses.

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With the announcement, Lisa Rone empowers women in the online education sector. She is the first African-American woman to create nine online courses during the pandemic. Ms. Rone focuses on helping small business owners develop networking, communication, and crisis management skills.

The federal government recently estimated that over 400,000 small businesses have gone permanently out of business due to the coronavirus, and many say that figure hugely underestimates the true number. By the end of May 2021, according to Opportunity Insights, there were almost 40% fewer small businesses open across the country than at the beginning of 2020.

Ms. Rone’s classes cover a wide range of topics regarding both business and personal development. She highlights self-awareness, self-confidence, and assertiveness as key characteristics of a perceptive, strong, effective leader.

Her courses also cover digital streaming products and other marketing technologies, as well as collaboration, team-building, recruitment, and e-commerce. Her “Berry Beautiful” course teaches ambitious women how to command workplace respect.

More personal growth-themed programs discuss the dynamic between family and workflow, how to identify and avoid cyberbullying, and signs and prevention of domestic violence.

Each course includes full lifetime access to all course materials, three hours of on-demand video viewable on mobile or TV, nine downloadable resources, and a certificate of completion.

Lisa Rone is a nationally recognized authority on leadership and personal and professional development. An expert in marketing, promotion, and branding, she has dedicated herself to sharing her expertise with others through her online courses.

She is also the author of the Read a Book MVMT, a series of books on workplace leadership and personal growth. In addition, she is the founder of the Ohana Tribe, a Facebook group for those suffering from estrangement from friends and/or family.

Ms. Rone says, of herself and her program: “I’m tremendously determined to help people make change for the better possible. As a resource, I am loaded with inspiration for the millions of others living across the world who may need it.”

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