Lisa Rone Launches Beginner Entrepreneur Brand Management Leadership Courses

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Lisa Rone has launched a range of online business and emotional resilience training courses for entrepreneurs. The program aims to foster community and social responsibility through outreach and training.

Lisa Rone has launched a new catalog of courses ready for enrollment this year as part of The Berry Academy. The online community-based academy provides educational business training to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.

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The launch coincides with community outreach action from Lisa, who recently attended a youth basketball and football training camp in Atlanta to share her “secret sauce” for brand management.

The training camp, organized by the Battle of the Trenches, saw Rone educating a new generation of aspiring entrepreneurs in how to raise brand awareness by combining charity, philanthropy, and activism into business models. The academy was founded by Rone in response to a need for community support and leadership during times of pandemic and economic turmoil.

Rone is passionate about fostering community. The program was established to provide services to support and build safe and beneficial social networks. Whether assisting clients financially, physically, and psychologically, or providing business training and education, Lisa has a mission to provide and support the residents and communities of Atlanta, and farther afield.

This year’s catalog of courses includes training in entrepreneurship, digital technology, and leadership. With collaboration and emotional wellbeing at the center of Lisa’s ethos, the fully supported and resourced online courses are helping to lead a new generation of socially conscientious ambassadors into business.

Lisa has created an easy to use and accessible online platform aiming to provide real-world experience and learning to clients looking to aspire in any field. Courses focus upon business and entrepreneurial acumen, whilst building cognitive and emotional skillsets in a mutually supportive, nurturing environment. Physical wellbeing and social growth are also covered by the range of comprehensive courses.

Rone is an accomplished author, having written numerous titles giving practical guidance and advice to readers on topics ranging from business management, leadership, and team building, through to dealing with cyber bullying, abuse, and domestic violence.

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