Lipstick Gloss And Glitter Unique Colors Shades And Fashion Looks Released

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L'Rouge Beauty brings bold color to makeup combinations with their new line of long-lasting, high-quality fashion products that celebrate the individual standing out, instead of fitting in.

L’Rouge Beauty has announced a new line of line of lipstick, gloss, glitter, and eye shadow aimed at customers who want to stand out in a crowd. The three main product lines Rouge Effect Lipstick, Sparx Glitter, and a pairing of the first two called the Lip Sparx Collection, allow makeup users to create their own unique look.

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According to spokesperson Kelli Martin, “L’Rouge Beauty is for those who want to stand out, be unique and show the world a certain flair that shows self-confidence and reliance.”

With names like Seductive, Supernova, Siren, and Yellow Ice, there are dozens of color and shade combinations to explore in the L’Rouge Beauty palette; and according to their spokesperson, these shades don’t fade.

“Many times lipstick lines have a trade off between colors or long-lasting capabilities. We have worked exceptionally hard to create products that do both,” said Kelli Martin “It has been a long journey, but the outcome has been more than worth it. Our customers feel the same way.”

L’Rouge Beauty products are designed with the highest possible quality materials, making them safe, as well as long-lasting. The company also takes pride in their support of both empowerment and inclusion, and their website offers support for “those who love makeup but need an extra push of encouragement and passion that adds swag to your personality.”

“Whatever your look or style,” says Kelli Martin, “we have a product for you.”

Free shipping is available for customers on orders over $100 and if a customer is not satisfied, the company promises hassle free returns. Customers can also sign up to hear about the latest product arrivals and sales from L’Rouge Beauty.

To learn more about the latest product lines from L’Rouge Beauty, please visit the aforementioned website.

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