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A new healthy living supplement company has been launched, called Manna. They aim to evolve the vitamin field by providing high quality products for improved health and wellbeing.

A new supplement company has been launched, selling quality products that change society’s normal approach to taking vitamins. Manna is a San Diego-based company who’s mission is to provide a superior product in a market full of low-quality ingredients.

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The quality products on offer through the Manna online store are liposomal vitamins designed to be superior to regular pill and powdered vitamin options. Additionally, the newly launched vitamins are designed to absorb more efficiently and effectively, with the aim of providing better health benefits.

Manna’s product range was created after many years of testing and researching alongside top nutritionists, doctors and scientists. Together they were able to develop a new way to take vitamins.

The result is a natural, healthy and easily absorbed supplement that has been proven effective in multiple studies. The company’s goal is to ensure the highest quality products, from formulation through to final testing.

One of the most popular new supplements is the Manna Liposomal Curcumin, a science-backed product offering a variety of health benefits. More details can be found at

All of the newly launched products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that customers get the best results. The process for this involves testing for potency, purity and composition. Only purified water is used throughout the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, they utilize a proprietary process that compounds actives with lipids to form organic liposomes. This leads to a quality product that is science-backed and offers health improvement benefits.

Liposomes are made from the same material that the body’s cells are made of. This allows the body to recognize them and absorb them more easily, providing a direct route to enjoying the nutrients within.

Studies show that Manna’s vitamin supplements are able to reduce inflammation, fight free radicals, and help customers to stay feeling younger for longer. In addition to this, they are able to naturally eliminate pain, and can lead to having a healthier heart and immune system.

A recent customer said: “Been using this for a few days on the recommendation of my naturopath and doctor to deal with extreme inflammation caused by a lingering sinus infection and low adrenal function. So far, my headaches are gone. Completely, after having them nearly every day for a month.”

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