Liong Mah Model 18 EDC Knife—Premium Custom Multi-Grip Non-Slip Blade Announced

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Liong Mah Design, based in Palm Bay, Florida, announced the upcoming release of its awaited Model 18 blade - the latest in a growing collection of premium blades from the esteemed designer.

The new Textured Titanium, and Marble Carbon Fiber Model 18 EDC Knives, fittingly due for release on February 22nd, offers wielders a non-slip, multi-grip cutting solution for both work and personal usage. Blending modern and traditional styles, the Model 18 blade is predominantly designed to pair artistic flair with functional usability.

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Veteran knife designer Liong Mah announces the new title as the latest addition to his varying lines of specialist collectible knives. So named in commemoration of his company’s 18th business anniversary, the new Model 18 supplements an expanding range of everyday carry blades that are produced for optimal practicality.

As the culmination of LMD’s expert knife craftsmanship, developed over many years of study and practice, the Model 18’s blade is built to capture superior edge retention. The versatile tool has been described by avid knife aficionados as an effective source of preparedness, helping users to feel both empowered and ready for action.

Users will find the blade particularly easy to wield, benefiting from its accessible design. Developed to meet specific user needs in terms of functionality, the Model 18’s handle allows for comfortable maneuvering in multiple gripping techniques. The knife ensures that slips resulting from hand fatigue are unlikely to occur, offering strength and stability.

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With each new blade intended to build upon the qualities and attributes of those that came before, the Model 18 is available alongside other exclusive lines in Mah’s EDC collection, which now includes the Field Duty, Hawk, and L1.

In the words of Liong Mah prior to the release: “The Model 18 is a fusion of timeless form and practicality with a more contemporary twist. It’s definitely another functional work of art.”

With the latest release, Liong Mah adds to a growing inventory of luxury knives, specially designed to combine art with functionality. Liong Mah Design harnesses the appreciation gained from his experience as a New York City chef to create pioneering and aesthetically inspiring blades worthy of collecting.

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Release ID: 89065623