Liong Mah Design Outdoor EDC Pocketknife: 2022 Micarta Handle Collection Updated

Liong Mah Design has updated its inventory to include EDC pocketknives featuring Micarta handles. The company is known for creating a wide range of highly functional artisanal knives.

With this update, Liong Mah Design adds to its versatile Everyday Carry (EDC) collection of knives. Like all of the company’s knives, the Micarta handle pocketknife collection is handcrafted to the highest standards and made from a canvas or burlap-based composite.

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Under the direction of Liong Mah, a former NYC chef, the company has created an exclusive inventory of functional knives for everyday use. The newest Micarta handle knives give the user a comfortable, durable grip that is stylish and visually engaging.

Invented in the early twentieth century, Micarta is an inorganic material that is chemically treated to be waterproof. Among other things, the material has been used for guitar picks since 1935. Eventually, the look and feel of Micarta made it a popular choice for knife handles.

Liong Mah Design now has several distinct Micarta handle EDC pocketknives for enthusiasts to choose from.

Models include the Zulu Black Micarta, a 3.6-ounce folding knife featuring a Bohler M390 blade. Also available is the limited edition Traveler Sheep Foot Knife. Emergency responders use the shorter, sharp blade of the Sheep Foot style knife to cut away seatbelts without injuring an accident victim. The knife is also a popular choice among sailors, as its blade is ideal for slicing through rigging.

Mr. Mah designs all of his knives as highly functional tools with an aesthetic appeal. The latest Micarta handle EDC knives are in line with the designer’s mission to create functional works of art. For more details, visit

Mr. Mah said: “The passion for this art form started when I was a full-time Chef in New York City. Liong Mah Design is the culmination of 19 years of knife appreciation and design. Looking forward, I consistently ask myself what I could bring to the table. What do people need and want to see regarding knives, one of the oldest tools known to man?”

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