Lion Septic Service Aids Northern Colorado With Their Septic Systems

Lion Septic Service recently opened to provide septic services for all of Northern Colorado. They are located at 4600 Innovation Dr #102D, Fort Collins, CO 80525.

Lion Septic Service provides many different services including septic cleaning, septic pumping, and septic digging. The company’s founder and owner Barton J Palmer ensures that he and all of his employees practice honesty, reliability, and high-quality service. Lion Septic Service works around all of Northern Colorado. They are currently offering a $50 discount on any of their services.

Lion Septic Service proudly provides septic services to the entire Front Range of Colorado such as Winsor, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont, and Fort Collins. This company is located at 4600 Innovation Dr #102D, Fort Collins, CO 80525. Septic systems require regular maintenance and cleaning to continue working efficiently and correctly. If a septic system is damaged, its sewage backup can become a major health threat to customers and their families. As you could imagine, many people do not want to tackle their septic systems on their own, so if you smell any foul odors, see slow draining water, or water pooling close to your septic tank, Lion Septic is the company to call. Their trained and educated professionals are dedicated to excellence and will go the extra mile to provide personalized services for all of their customers. They are highly experienced and can work on all makes and models of septic systems, meaning they can help any of their customers with all of their septic needs.

Even though this division is relatively new, it has already shown its success and importance of customer satisfaction. This is shown through their reputation of offering a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, being locally owned and operated, working meticulously to give the best service possible, and staying current with new technologies to give their customers the best service they can. Lion Septic Service also offers discounts to seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities to show the community that they care. Lion Septic Service is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau. They uphold their high values and work ethics through maintaining communication to continuously update their customers, are respectful to the property they are working on and will ensure it stays clean, will make sure their customers can avoid any costly septic issues down the road, and always approve cost estimates with the customer and answer any questions before starting the job.

Release ID: 89050865