Lion Home Service Offers A Variety of Services Throughout Northern Colorado

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The company Lion Home Service offers services such as spring cleaning, duct cleaning, gutter inspections, repairs, septic inspections, and A/C tune-ups in the Northern Colorado area. Lion Home Service is based out of 4600 Innovation Dr #102, Fort Collins, CO 80525.

The company Lion Home Service offers a variety of services to its customers throughout Northern Colorado. These services include spring cleaning, duct cleaning, gutter inspections and repairs, septic inspections, and A/C tune-ups. Lion Home Service is dedicated to their customers by having a twenty-four-hour, seven days a week emergency service and are proud to serve the residents of Colorado’s Front Range. This locally owned and operated business’ high level of success and customer satisfaction can be seen through their A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and high ratings on Facebook and Google. They have also been awarded the Best of Home Advisor Award and the Elite Service Award. Lion Home Service is dedicated to excellence and will go the extra mile to provide personalized services to its customers.

Lion Home Service’s spring cleaning service revolves around the rain that comes with spring in Northern Colorado and how this rain can cause serious damage to septic systems. They remind customers that their septic tank filter and drain can get clogged with scum, debris, and other items leftover from heavy rain and that these clogs can disrupt the efficiency and workings of their septic system. Lion Home Service can help with this problem by sending their professionals to clean or Hydro-jet drains to clear any debris that might be clogging septic pipes. When it comes to duct cleaning, Lion Home Service’s professional duct cleaning service will clean out clogged, dirty ductwork to make sure their customer’s HVAC system is performing at optimal levels. This will allow HVAC systems to have a longer lifespan, improve performance, and produce cleaner air. Lion Home Service also services gutter inspections and cleaning. This company’s team will inspect their customer’s gutters and inform them if the gutters need to be replaced or repaired. The team will then follow through with the decision made between the professionals and the customer in a time-efficient manner ensuring Lion Home Service puts the customer and their needs first. Nobody wants to deal with their septic tanks and that is where Lion Home Service can help. Their septic inspections will ensure that their customers do not have any sewage backup, foul odors, or pooling water that can pose a health threat. Lion Septic representatives maintain communication and updates, respect their customer’s property and keep it clean, avoid costly issues that could show up in the future, do cost estimates before starting the job, and offer discounts for seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities. One more service that Lion Home Service offers is A/C tune-ups. With a few simple checks by their professionals, customers’ ACs will run better, be more efficient, use less energy, and offset the cost of professional maintenance. This service allows for cleaner air, fewer breakdowns, and increased airflow and comfort for their customers.

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